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What are you Allergic too??

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    The only thing I'm allergic to is Ambre Solaire suncream. I'm very lucky because my gran seems to be allergic to everything!
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    Tree and grass pollen, hazelnuts, kiwi fruit and lanolin. NO NUTELLA FOR ME!
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    I'm mildly allergic to cats. It's a real shame because I absolutely adore them, and I'm determined to get one someday. I'll just have to find a way around my allergies, maybe get one of those hypoallergenic breeds.
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    I only get hayfever - so pollen allergy. But my mum seems to be allergic to loads of things! She has an unusual allergy to peppers, chillies and all spices in general, makes her so ill. Also, bananas, kiwis and she can't wear jewellery that isn't gold, makes her ears really sore and red. Poor mum.
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    Cats and dogs :/ And I have hayfever
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    Certain E-numbers
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    Good lord I wish I knew for sure!!!
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    Pollen, cats, dogs, bio-washing powder
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    I'm allergic to nickel and I had a bad allergic reaction to stage make up once and I can't wear face paint.

    So glad I'm not allergic to cats like my mum and brother!
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    Nothing so far!

    I could walk through a field of long grass wearing a full face of face paint/make up with a cat on my head, all my piercings full of nickel, whilst drinking a milkshake to wash down my antibiotics and I'd be happy as can be.
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    The only thing I've ever had an allergic reaction to was Lemsip, haha.
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    Man city
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    Cats, some additive MacDonald’s puts in their Milkshake, and geraniums.
    I like to say I'm allergic to sunlight but that's just because I'm ginger...
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    (Original post by darkshadow1111)
    Man city
    U and me both lol
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    Household soap.Generally anything with a fragrance and I get a sudden flareup, but i've just been given some soap from Skin Salveation

    Its pretty good at cleaning and no problem with skin! Its worth a look at this site as they have some good tips on skin care in general and some free samples of a great skin cream when you order the soap,
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    Dogs and certain types of shellfish. I specifically request my friends not to cook me either. :rolleyes:
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    pollen. only mildly though.

    Many skin products 'burn' me, i don't know what the particular chemical is there though.
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    Pollen, so I have hayfever. But then also leaf mould, which means hayfever year round as I live near a huge forest area
    Also, animals with fur/hair.
    Whiskey, oddly. Tiny bit makes me ill for days.
    And tea tree oil... not sure if it's an allergy, but if I use tea tree hair stuff in the shower, my face swells up!


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Updated: May 22, 2012
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