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As a young British male, why does everyone expect me to be into football?

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    ok not literally everyone expects me to be into football. but the majority of people do, even those who know me quite well. i am sick and tired of people trying to start conversations about football. it happens most of all in the gym. most of the conversations in the gym are about football- who is going to win the title race, who is out of the weekend's games, why did that red card happen, why this, why that. i dont like seeming rude so i go along with it and pretend i know a bit about football but it saddens me that so many young males (and even females) practically live for this sport and dedicate their entire life to following some vastly overpaid thugs kicking a ball into a net.

    i must not be the only one who is like this. who is sick of this football culture in Britain and who wishes people would stop assuming that they, as young British males, should be interested in the sport?
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    Your at the gym - do you expect healthy, young, athletic people to be discussing World of Warcraft?
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    just workout closer to the squat rack

    footballers/football fans don't do leg work

    also, 'lads' mag'-esque chatter increases with proximity to the smith machine
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    because you're a young british male. I bet more like it than don't.
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    Football is widely very popular in Britain and, indeed, the world. It's perfectly conceivable that someone wishing to start an innocuous conversation would come up and try to engage you on football, given its ability to get fans talking (and given the number of fans). It's a slightly more interesting version of the "so, that weather eh?" conversation, and something that generally initiates a longer conversation than the aforementioned.
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    You're not the only one. I take a passing interest in the family team, but I don't make a point of watching games...so when I talk to a friend who is a die-hard supporter of said team I'm usually left with not much to say!
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    But they don't. The question is, why are you pretending that you believe everyone expects you to be interested in football?
    The answer is, because you're a rep whore.
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    i am FAR from a fan of football (hate it) but if others want to follow it then let them! who are you to moan about them for liking it??!?!? they are just trying to be friendly and start a conversation with you, i really don't see the problem! they don't have some kind of ulterior motive, they don't want to "convert" you.. it's just a bit of small talk! if you DO know a bit about football then go along with it, if you don't just say you don't really watch it and talk about something else!
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    (Original post by Notethis)
    But they don't. The question is, why are you pretending that you believe everyone expects you to be interested in football?
    The answer is, because you're a rep whore.
    nail on head
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    It's a stereotype. Plus if you go to the gym you're obviously the more sporty type so even more likely to be interested in football.

    Having said that my boyfriend is a bit of a couch potato but since christmas has been going to the gym once or twice a week. But he doesn't like football. I don't even know if he could name 5 premier league footballers!
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    They're just trying to make conversation.

    I don't really see what's not to like about football to be honest.
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    Well why don't you bring up another subject if you don't like that then?
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    Men who don't like football are not men.
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    (Original post by Barden)
    just workout closer to the squat rack

    footballers/football fans don't do leg work

    also, 'lads' mag'-esque chatter increases with proximity to the smith machine
    Yeah, in lifting circles it's kind of seen as uncool by some to be into football, for some reason.

    **** that, I squat plenty and I love football.
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    I agree with the OP, I hate football. I have never liked it and it has never appealed to me even when I was little. What annoys the **** out of me is when other people, mostly males, look at me like I'm some kind of social leper for not taking an interest in gawping and shouting at a TV screen showing overpaid twentysomething men chase a ball. We idolise and worship these men like gods because (apparently) they are some kind of bastion and symbol of masculinity and coolness, simply for being able to kick a ball into a net. In answer to your original question, I don't know why, but yes it certainly does annoy the **** out of me.
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    Who's going to win the Manchester Derby?

    My moneys on the reds.
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    "You don't like football?!"

    "You a poof or summin', mate?"

    Ha ha... Ironic bigotry.
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    I get this all the time and it is extremely annoying. It happened to me just before going under the surgeon's knife. As soon as I mention 'St Helens', it's: "Saints played well, didn't they?"

    I don't give a damn about Saints! Please don't ask me about Saints. Instead, why don't you ask me what flavour of toothpaste I prefer? Yes, do that instead.
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    theres nothing wrong with not liking football.. i know plenty of lads who don't.
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    gloooory glory many uniiiiiited gloooooooooory gloory manu uniiiiited glooory glooory man uniitedd

    and the reds go marching on!

    United <3


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