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disney/cartoon/childhood films anyone?

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    Oh man. Disney was life when I was younger and so was some anime that went popular in the 90s.

    Here goes my list:

    1. Lion King 1 (Watched this thousands of times! I was still small then so I had to coaxed the adults to put it on laser disc for me--they were humongous!)
    2. Sleeping Beauty (I know you, I know you from once upon a dream~~)
    3. Beauty & the Beast
    4. Tarzan! (You'll be in my heart~~)
    5. Hercules (My theme song back then was "Go the Distance". It was the most watched video for me at the time...>.>)
    6. Anastasia (I was born in December, so I loved the "Once Upon a December" song!)

    6.5 Sailormoon!!! (I loved this so much!)

    7. Pokemon! (Gotta catch'em all!)

    8. Digimon!
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    The iron giant
    babeig in the city
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    Howls Moving Castle
    Jungle Book
    Robin Hood
    Hunchback of Notre Dam
    Spirited Away
    Grave of the Fireflies
    The Lion King 2 (has a couple of very very very catchy songs)
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    Monsters Inc
    Emperors New Groove
    The aristocats
    Brother Bear
    Land Before Time!
    Shrek 2 (i know its not that old but i love it )
    There are too many!
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    deffo "Swallows and Amazons"

    they are remaking it but the original was marvellous
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    Snow White
    The Fox and the Hound
    Toy Story
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    Am I the only person who watched this a tonne of times as a kid?
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    Land Before Time series
    Lion King
    Kiki's Delivery Service


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Updated: August 6, 2012
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