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Can guys and girls really be 'just friends'?

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  • View Poll Results: Can a man and a woman be just 'best/very close friends'?
    I'm a Girl - Yes they can
    I'm a Girl - No they can't
    I'm a Boy - Yes they can
    I'm a Boy - No they can't

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    Yes. But only if the girl is unattractive to me, sorry
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    Yeah in practice, but one or both probably want to do the other.
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    yes..but rarely.
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    i never had any close close girl friends, well we have a group of people that we hang out a lot but i would jump easily any of the girls if they'd like so i guess thats not considered very strong friendship
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    Yes and no.. was good friends with this girl for 4 years before we realised we loved each other then dated, messed it up and now we don't talk anymore lmao >.<
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    what would be the point?
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    What does "just friends" mean?
    Guys, for the most part, aren't in friendships so they can ask you out - they are friends with you, because they enjoy being friends and don't have some secret agenda. Finding someone sexually attractive doesn't mean you can't have a meaningful non-romantic relationship with them.
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    I noticed girls always generally say yes when asked if guys and girls can be friends, but guys generally say no. I cant speak from a female point of view, but as a male, yes we can be friends and I have been friends for years with some. But if there was an opportunity to go sexually with any of my girl mates, I would definitely take it. Guys will **** a millions girls per day if they had the opportunity but let just say that its the girl that make sure its at the 'friends level'.
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    I think you can, especially with someone such as a neighbour you grew up with, or a person you work with.
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    Easily. The world has a population of 7 billion, you are not going to fancy every guy you interact with, so that means that you could just be friends with several of them. I have a couple of male friends and that's all there is to it, it's fine, no chemistry, no "sexual tension", no awkwardness, it's the same as it is with my female friends. One of them keeps telling me to ask his friend out, actually. :lol:
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    I'm surprised by how many people are saying no.

    I personally find guys much easier to get along with and have quite a lot of male friends, and only about 2 girls who I'd consider to be a friend.
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    An old discussion in the film "When Harry meet Sally". Hmm in my opinion yes, they can, but occasionally with some sexual impluses.
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    Obviously, why do you even need to ask?
    I have loads of male friends.
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    Of course. Most of my friends are male. Also, just because you would have sex with them if you could doesn't mean you aren't friends Although I know none of my (all male) housemates feel that way about me. Thankfully!
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    I don't see why gay lads and girls are the perfect combination I have more guy friends that female friends and most of the female friends I have are bi or lesbian :lol: I think only 2 of them are straight but all of them act more like lads than girls
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    (Original post by redferry)
    Of course. Most of my friends are male. Also, just because you would have sex with them if you could doesn't mean you aren't friends Although I know none of my (all male) housemates feel that way about me. Thankfully!
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    Yes. Example: I get on with the guys in halls, I have no underlying feelings towards them.

    Then again some guys and girls might view everyone of the opposite sex as a potential partner, I think it depends on the person
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    (Original post by Dirac Delta Function)
    Not in any way, we are all really close. I've lived with them for 3 years, and they have previously responded to people joking about us getting together with comparing me to both a man and their sister.
    Guys don't want to sleep with every girl they are friends with, people who think otherwise just do not have close enough female friends to know that this can happen.

    I think you are the naive one.
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    I don't think so. Personally I always ending up think some sort of feel that I like the person in the end. My personal view.


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