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    My boyfriend is my first sexual partner and recently we found out that I squirt. It never happened when I was masturbating; it can only happen when I'm with him. He seems to be really happy about it, but I just think it's disgusting and I'm worried he only says it to make me feel better? I just don't understand how squirting can be sexy!

    So, do any of you guys find squirting sexy? Or if you're a girl, do you squirt and what does your partner think about it? Thanks!

    There was a thread on here recently about squirting and it had a lot of replies, loads of people thought it was really sexy. Most guys i have spoken to have said they find it a real turn on because they kind of know they are doing something right and you like it! Your boyfriend probably loves it, i very much doubt he finds it gross or whatever
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    Guys! Is squirting sexy? thread

    TL;DR: Yes.

    most guys love it!

    consider yourself lucky you can squirt....apparently its difficult for girls to squirt!

    (Original post by pinkangelgirl)
    Apparently its difficult for girls to squirt!
    No it is not, there are just different levels of squirt but if a guy is good and lasts long enough... you generally reach it, at least that is what I have found

    You sure you aint pissing on him?


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Updated: May 9, 2012
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