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Why don't girls show interest in 'nice guys'?

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    As discussed in title.
    It seems nowadays girls prefer it if guys treat them like **** or utter ***** for no apparent reason.. why is this?
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    Not all girls
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    See this thread for explication
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    As discussed in title.
    It seems nowadays girls prefer it if guys treat them like **** or utter ***** for no apparent reason.. why is this?
    There is an apparent reason.

    a) we're not that much of an excitement to them (too reliable perhaps)
    b) because chances are we'll bend over backwards for them.

    And that just gives off the impression that you're really Salad Fingers.
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    Because these types of guys (nice guys) never approach or show any sexual interest in the girls they want to have sex with or be in a relationship with.

    It's a fear of rejection, which results in these girls going for jerk/douchebag type guys because they're the only guys that do have the confidence/balls to approach them.
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    Not all girls don't go for nice.
    I've always gone for the nice guys, I hate those who treat people like rubbish. I've also known plenty of nice guys with girlfriends and girls who have gone for nice guys.
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    These threads get so boring. What do you even define as a 'nice guy'? The guy who listens to his friends (girls) who complain about their boyfriends, and assumes that the boyfriend is just treating the girl like ****? Lol
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    Because women are not machines you put niceness into until sex falls out.
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    Because then they wouldn't be able to say "ohhhhhh I wish I could meet a nice guy!"

    But yeah its generally human nature to aim higher then you can actually achieve.
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    I go for nice guys, not all of us go for the dickheads.
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    Because all young women strive to look for a guy who looks like a guy and acts like a guy on TV/movies, but they never find him. Women have too much choice and can afford to reject guys because they'll always get offers.
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    You need to define a nice guy better, I consider myself nice and I've never been unlucky tbh.
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    this is news to me. I'm always called a nice guy and I have a gf.......wow just proved that theory wrong
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    I have the explanation to this conundrum!!!!

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    "Nice guys", by their own judgement, are for the most part a bunch of pussies. Rather than blaming themselves for their lack of intimate relationships they blame girls for going with guys who they judge as dicks (purely out of jealously).
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    I'm nice and girls show interest in me. If you don't believe me just check out all the great advice I give out without asking for anything in return.
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    All depends on how a girl perceives the idea of being 'nice'
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    It's not everyone. I've recently been spending quite a bit of time with asians. It's really very surprising to actually have kindness and and sweetness appreciated rather than mocked. It's mostly a western thing. Maybe american tv teaches it?
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    I prefer nice guys. I don't like cocky blokes.

    Seriously hate this stereotype. Personally, I like 'nice guys'. Though of course it was through this I found out 'nice guys' don't like 'accessible girls' by the looks of things


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Updated: May 4, 2012
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