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whats the difference between A Level Media and A Level Flim? HELP!! (A Level Choices)

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    hey just wanted to know whats the difference between A Level Media and A Level Flim Studies as i wanna pick one. I want to know which one has more coursework as I am better at coursework!
    Which one is harder as well?

    Thanks!!! x
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    They're both as bad as each other.
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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    They're both as bad as each other.
    This is like, the worse answer possible. Thank you for your valuable contribution to the discussion. /s


    Anyway, to answer your question, it depends on what you wish to do after your AS and A2 studies. If you want to actually do something in the film/broadcast industry, taking both WITH a core study is an ok option if you are also doing general studies. If not, Media would be for you.

    In terms of course content, Film is the easiest - for AS it's one 2/half exam and one big coursework project (where you get to make a film trailer, etc). But I do stress, only take Film if you know you want to do this after college, it's not worth it as a throwaway subject. Overall, I'm glad I took it, you do actually learn quite a bit!

    For Media, you do get more coursework and it is a little heavier, but in the long run it can help out loads if you wish to do an English/Media based course after college. There are a lot of terms to learn, but nothing too hard. In Media, you get one exam and 2 coursework projects.

    Hope that helps a little.
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    Don't take either if you are remotely interested in not wasting your time.
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    (Original post by Maxiinee)
    hey just wanted to know whats the difference between A Level Media and A Level Flim Studies as i wanna pick one. I want to know which one has more coursework as I am better at coursework!
    Which one is harder as well?

    Thanks!!! x
    Media is 50/50 coursework & exam I think.
    Film Studies coursework you make a 2 minute film and the exam is 3 essays on 4 films and the film industry
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    it really depends on the exam board. i've done both of mine via WJEC and they are quite similar in terminology and that.

    Mine was AS Media: 50% split between coursework and exam. i think this can be changed, but my coursework was to design and create my own magazine. You basically do the front cover, and a double-page feature for the inside spread. It was really fun. I dont remember too much from my exam but its an essay based on unseen material that you're given, and another essay where you use your own examples (i think!)

    AS Film Studies: Another 50% split. Coursework can be changed, but its a written analysis of a film sequence of your choice, looking at Mise-En-Scene, Cinematography, Sound, Performance and Editing (all of which you study first of course) and a Production project. This can be picked by your teacher, but mine was a digital storyboard (again, lots of fun!) It basically means you come up with a film concept, or film sequence, then you storyboard it, taking photos instead of drawing the pics. The exam is 3 essays, mine was on unseen material(like the media one), British Horror films (you study between 2 and 6 in lesson first), and an American Film Comparison (we did Twilight and The Lost Boys)

    Basically, both these courses were tons of fun, and theyre relatively easy to pass. Having almost completed A2 media too, i prefer that one (we got to amke an advert/music video for our coursework!) but i hope this helps you choose!

    p.s. sorry for the essay! xD


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Updated: May 28, 2012
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