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Bedfordshire Uni Nursing March 2013 Intake!

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    Hi Hayley789! Yes I'm starting in March 2014 on the Adult Nursing course!! Cant wait! x
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    (Original post by victoria.m123)
    Hi guys i have an interview at bedfordshire university to study child nursing september 2014 and i was short listed, also i have to take a numeracy and literacy test is it hard? And what kind of questions do they ask in the interview?

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    Hi, the tests are really easy, nothing to worry about. That being said, some people did fail lol. Just practice fractions, division, multiplication, subtraction, decimals, percentages, conversions etc.

    In the interview they ask you questions to see if youve got the qualities they are looking for. for example, give an example of a time when you have shown dignity and respect for someone. Just things like that. Just practice and youll be fine.
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    Thanks,i guess i was panicking for no reason

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    (Original post by lhegarty94)
    done my interview last Tuesday,they said il hear from them in April fingers crossed!
    hi, iv got my interview for nursing on the Friday the 13. could you tell me how the maths and English test were and what questions did they ask in the interview. thanks
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    i have applied for the September intake but i have't got a replay yet (for interview)
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    (Original post by hayley789)
    Hey! Is it March 2014 you are starting in Aylesbury? That's when im going! So excited!! xxx
    Yes its the 2014 intake, are you going to the induction day in January?


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Updated: December 27, 2013
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