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How mnay hours do you revise for A Levels every day?

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    On a weekday?
    On the weekend?
    Are you doing AS or A2?
    What grades do you want?

    For me:
    Weekday: 2-3 hours
    Weekend: about 6 hours
    Im doing A2, need 3 As for offer
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    It varies so much for me. I'm in the middle of tweaking my coursework which takes a while, as I'm not the best when it comes to that sort of thing.

    Weekdays tend to be about 2/3 hours, but on some days I have more frees than others, which can add another hour or two. Weekends are generally when I do my coursework, but I get 3/4 hours in then as well. I'm A2, and I need A*AA (A* in maths) for my firm, and AAB for my insurance.
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    Doing A2 right now

    About 1 and a half hours productive revision on weekdays
    About 3 or more productive hours on weekends
    Study leave I'll aim for 4 productive hours a day

    Last year I did less and got 4 As
    Need ABB for my firm so I'm not too motivated to revise, so realistically I'll probably end up doing about 2 hours a day on study leave.

    Good luck with your exams.
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    Im averaging a measly hour a day...
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    On a weekday I might get between 2-3 hours of revision in. More, if we're including time at school, but tbh revision at school isn't too effective for me because I just end up talking with friends
    Weekends, I do between 3-6 hours of revision (6 is super rare and once in a blue moon I might do 7)
    I'm doing A2s and need A*AA for my firm offer and AAA for insurance (well, probably AAB as I rang them up and they said AAB was fine).

    This probably sounds a lot and makes me seem a stereotypical TSR member but I'm just really ****ting myself about exams and gradesthis year and didn't really revise much for my previous schoolyears but this year, I'd rather know I've tried hard and either done really well or not so much as I'd hoped than not doing well and feeling that 'what if I had worked harder'.
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    Weekdays : minimum of 3 hours, usually at least 4.
    Weekends: Between 5-7 hours depending on what else I need to do.

    Really need ABB for uni so sitting 6 exams
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    weekdays: more than 10 hours a day
    weekends: more than 12 hours a day

    I am doing A2 and AS for 3 subjects and hoping to get an E in at-least one subject.
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    I don't always manage it but for the past couple of months I've been trying to do:

    3 hours on a weekday
    6 hours on a weekend day

    However my first exam is in 2 weeks and 5 days (23rd May) so as of this week I want to do 5 hours per school day & 10 at the weekend.

    I need AAA in all my exams (Philosophy A2, Psychology AS and A2)
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    i havent been revising as such just been making my notes...

    but i'm gonna try from now on to do 5 hours per week for each subject/exam so 4 hours each day (2 days rest)
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    I'm doing Geography, History, English Lit, and General Studies.
    Weekdays- usually 2-3 hours.
    Weekends- 3-4 hours.

    To get into Uni (Primary Education) I need 2 B's and 1 C. Fingers crossed!
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    I need AAB and I'm doing about two hours on weekdays, three/four hours on weekend days. Last weekend I only did about two hours and a half each day, not so good. And homework like essays cut into revision time. But it's mostly just History but 15 minute "breaks" of quote learning and vocab. Some days I don't do any at all like if I have 5th period at school and come home at 4:00, then I just have a reading evening.

    Although really I need to get AAA or more otherwise my dad will go mad.
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    ATM all I'm doing is making notes for my AS resits which are in like 12 days :l need close to 100 in both.

    Going through all the **** you already half know is soo freaking boring so atm I'm only getting like 3 hours done a day; (In the weekend)

    Weekdays prob less atm
    really need to step it up!
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    About 7.5 hours per day? Depends on the subject as well
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    At my best 6 hours but when I'm struggling for motivation I'll scrap 2-3 hours.
    Finishing off A2 further maths, physics and further additional maths and hoping to end out with A*A*A* (A* in maths already achieved).
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    I'm on a gap year right now, and it turns out that I didn't do anywhere near enough revision (like, pretty much none at all, averaging about 3 hours a week.)
    Suffice to say, I didn't hit my predicted grades. Well, one of them, but not the other two. (Was predicted BBB in Biology/Chemistry/Physics, and ended up with BCC. The B was in Biology.)
    I do feel, however, that if I had actually put in the amount of effort that I had planned to- about 5 hours a day, 7 on weekends- that I could well have ended up with at least ABB, possibly even triple A.
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    For the last couple weeks I've tried to do 3-4 hours a day outside of lessons on weekdays.
    Then maybe slightly more on weekends.
    I'm revising for 3 A2 exams and 1 AS exam (AS is in just under 2 weeks' time)
    Need to get BBDE in the next papers to meet my offer, but I want to get A*AAC. Just annoying cause I'm having to tweak coursework at the moment - inconvenient but needs to be done.
    How do you guys manage to revise 6-7 hours in one day? I'd love to be able to do that!
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    Next to nothing... guess I should start.
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    As little as possible, it won't matter too much as i'm not going to uni.
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    (Original post by AwkwardPenguin)
    I don't always manage it but for the past couple of months I've been trying to do:

    3 hours on a weekday
    6 hours on a weekend day

    However my first exam is in 2 weeks and 5 days (23rd May) so as of this week I want to do 5 hours per school day & 10 at the weekend.

    I need AAA in all my exams (Philosophy A2, Psychology AS and A2)
    Hi, do you mind saying how you revise Philosophy?
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    (Original post by coolcat88)
    Hi, do you mind saying how you revise Philosophy?
    I usually take a theme for example in political philosophy so liberty.

    Then I break it down into the different theories/sections.
    For each theory/section I make brief notes on the basic ideas and the basic arguments from different philosophers.
    I make a poster of it on the wall. Then I sit and learn everything on the poster by just reading it over and over again then looking away and seeing if I can recite it without looking.
    Once I can do that easily then I take each point and philosopher and read through the textbook on that part so that I take in more detail. I'll read it through a few times, memorising it as I go along, and then as with the poster I'll then look away and make sure I can remember by either repeating out loud, or writing on paper, everything that I possibly can about it.
    Repeat with each section.

    I find that easier because then you tend to know the basic outlines of the main themes which philosophers are linked to it really well, so then if you're panicking in an exam that will easily come to mind. For me once I have that it triggers my memory of all the other information as well.

    I don't make notes on a computer but I'll take a photo of a poster once I have one finished and upload it if you'd like to see what I mean because I know that explanation wasn't great?

    But yes basically I start with the real basic points and then learn details.

    For the text study I just read the book, all books about the book and then make sure I know the main ideas/concepts discussed in the book.

    Hope that helps, even just a little bit!

    (I do AQA Philosophy.)


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