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How mnay hours do you revise for A Levels every day?

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    (Original post by AwkwardPenguin)
    I usually take a theme for example in political philosophy so liberty.

    Then I break it down into the different theories/sections.
    For each theory/section I make brief notes on the basic ideas and the basic arguments from different philosophers.
    I make a poster of it on the wall. Then I sit and learn everything on the poster by just reading it over and over again then looking away and seeing if I can recite it without looking.
    Once I can do that easily then I take each point and philosopher and read through the textbook on that part so that I take in more detail. I'll read it through a few times, memorising it as I go along, and then as with the poster I'll then look away and make sure I can remember by either repeating out loud, or writing on paper, everything that I possibly can about it.
    Repeat with each section.

    I find that easier because then you tend to know the basic outlines of the main themes which philosophers are linked to it really well, so then if you're panicking in an exam that will easily come to mind. For me once I have that it triggers my memory of all the other information as well.

    I don't make notes on a computer but I'll take a photo of a poster once I have one finished and upload it if you'd like to see what I mean because I know that explanation wasn't great?

    But yes basically I start with the real basic points and then learn details.

    For the text study I just read the book, all books about the book and then make sure I know the main ideas/concepts discussed in the book.

    Hope that helps, even just a little bit!

    (I do AQA Philosophy.)

    Thank you, for the detailed answer! If you dont mind I would love to see a picture of the poster you explained.
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    (Original post by coolcat88)
    Thank you, for the detailed answer! If you dont mind I would love to see a picture of the poster you explained.
    Of course I should have one done either later today or tomorrow! I'll message you the link to the photo then!
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    4 hours a day (on a weekend/study leave day) usually cuts it.

    Tbh I'm just really refreshing my knowledge/doing questions at this stage.

    Also --> 2 hours of great revision is far superior to 8 hours of staring at a book
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    well me ...im doing AS ....i dont count how much i read....as long as what ever i am reading enters my head...thats what it matters....but i can approximate 3 hours daily(which excludes the work at school...(not continously)...exams starting tommorow.
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    About 3-4 hours minimum, about 8-9 hours maximum (on a day off from school, obviously ). I'm so worried though, because I feel like I'm not revising properly... :afraid:
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    14 hours a day lolol just kidding

    I don't count. I just do what I need to do, when I need to do it. That could take anywhere between 5 hours or 30 minutes.

    Currently sussed S2 and M2 which are my first exams, so I'm not working too hard atm.
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    Well usually I'd do maybe an hour or two a day 3-4 days out of the weekdays and then 3 hours-ish on each weekend-day. Somewhere in between during holidays. Though I usually don't start until about a month before exams (my first of two A-level exams is on the 18th June); I probably won't start revising for this set until June, though (and won't do as many hours as I'll be putting my effort into STEP)

    If we count step then for the last month I've been doing a paper every 2 days or so which is an hour and a half a day, will be moving to 2 papers every 3 days or so now (1 paper with 6+ questions may usually take 3-4 hours, 5 if I'm struggling a lot).
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    (Original post by AwkwardPenguin)
    Of course I should have one done either later today or tomorrow! I'll message you the link to the photo then!
    Thank You!
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    On a weekday it varies from 4 - 7
    On a weekend around 7 hours

    I'm revising for A2 but I also have AS resits - all in all 7 exams
    I need BBB for my place at the University of Edinburgh
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    On days when I don't have college, I do about 6-7 hours, and on the days when I do, something like 3-4 hours (I do half in my free periods at college). I measure it more on how many past papers I do rather than the time, to be honest.
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    weekday- 6-9 hours

    I'm revising for a A2s (excluding general) and 1 AS
    I have 2 resits- 7 exams in total (inc. general)
    I'm doing a third year due to health issues over the past 2 years
    Hoping to get BBb/ABa
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    You lot are ****ing insane. I revise when I've got frees and only when I've got frees (although that is still a moderate amount with 18 hours of lessons fit into a 27-hour timetable). Although to be fair, I work that amount all year around so I'm already fairly comfortable with the material by the time I get to normal 'revision' periods.
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    On a weekday I get around 2-3 hours done.
    On a weekend it is within the interval of 4-6 hours.
    Although I have a rough idea of how much time I do revise, my revision is heavily focused on completing tasks rather than timing myself. I find this the best way to get revision done, but everyone has their own preferences.

    Having said all of this I haven't been greatly motivated for these final exams (A2 year), so my revision times are scraping the lower ends of the intervals stated.
    I need AA to get into Warwick. Would be ecstatic if I got A*Aa, but will be overjoyed all the same if I get the grades just to get in.
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    I did about 6 hours a day for my A-levels. Only ended up getting average results though. Even at Uni I still haven't found out which studying techniques suit me best I also know a mate who claimed he hardly did any revision at home & always mucked about in class get straight A*s
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    When I get home I start but often get distracted so its around 3-4hrs school night..

    I need AAB for uni but need BCDU in my next exams to get that.. Revising harddd for that B grade!
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    Weekday - 1 or 2 hours
    Weekend - 6 or 7 hours every Sunday to do my homework and revision. I have Saturday off.

    I need AAB, including Maths. I already have the first A from English language and I need that second A!
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    One to three hours during the weekdays
    And about four to six hours on the weekends. Under alot of pressure so need to study study study.
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    About 2 hours weekday and 4 to 7 hours per day on the weekend. Aiming for AABc
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    Averaging about 3 hours extra on weekdays, and 6-7 on weekends.
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    0 hours weekdays,

    -1 hours weekend (I muck about so much I actually forget **** from school).

    If you drew a graph of revision through time, you would see that the gradient...

    does not exist.


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