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Belmont Tower anyone??

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    Who else is in Belmont tower this year? I'm on the ninth floor.
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    hiya I'm in belmont tower but on the third floor :P
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    Woo Belmont Tower!! 6th floor... I think...
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    Yay, it appears that we have the tower to ourselves!
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    This could be a fun year...
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    I'm on the sixth floor too!
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    (Original post by Ally_1)
    I'm on the sixth floor too!
    Oh yay! Numbers increased to 4. What room number, or flat number?! I'm not entirely sure I understand the system.
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    There is a curious lack of Belmont Tower people. Nice to find someone in the same building, let alone flat though! The system confused me too, so I emailed them and they said it meant Flat 6 Room 5, on the 6th floor.
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    Well... 4 in the whole tower... :/
    Oh good stuff! I guess hey roomy then so! lol
    What are you studying?!
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    Their website says there should be 110 people in Belmont Tower... I wonder where everyone is hiding. :rolleyes:
    I'm studying Psychology, how about you?
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    I'm a medic, that is to say I hope to be.
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    Cool. So far this flat is starting to sound like a miniature hospital.
    We're all set for zombie attack then.
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    Wahey, another hopeful medic!
    Oh this is exciting. :')
    Zombies won't stand a chance. :cool:
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    I'm not sure how useful Psychology will be though. Reason with the zombies and discuss their abandonment issues?
    Yeah, it is.
    Where are you from?
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    My god that would be epic. :') Brilliant image of a zombie lying up on a couch getting counselling. :')
    Northern Ireland! What about you?!
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    It would indeed ...sort of hope this happens now... I think they are just misunderstood.
    Dumfries in the south of Scotland.
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    They are! All they want is brains...
    Oh yay, an actual Scot! lol
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    Poor souls. Like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz?
    I hear they put at least one Scottish person person per flat to keep an eye on everyone so they don't steal our kilts and haggis. :rolleyes:
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    Well, "souls" is debatable really. :/ Just like the Scarecrow. :') They get awful bad press.
    Oh my god that's brilliant. :') I'll not lie, I'd be quite inclined to steal both kilts and haggis... :/ I'm one of those ones to watch...
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    You're not one of those zombie racists are you? The zombie people have been through a lot you know. Watch out for flying monkeys.
    That's how the system works. Got my eye on you... :cool:
    My name's Ally Taylor just in case you were wondering.


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