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<AQA Physics A AS -- May 23rd 2012 -- Unit 1

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    Soooo, looks like there is no revision thread for this module yet, so thought i would get things started Anyone else finding electricity quite hard? By far the hardest topic.

    But its good, cos particle physics is a piece of cake

    Oh, and if anyone has the nelson thornes textbook, pleaseee could someone help me with pg 69 summary questions q4?
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    I dont know. Electricity is so hard.
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    ergh im finding quantum phenomena kinda hard too, never know how to explain it. And the long question that test your 'written communication'. Really?! In physics? :|
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    Hating electricity atm :P learnt all of the rest to A* standard and electricity is gunna drag my grades down so bad :P sooo much of it -.-


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