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Best ever British footballer?

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    Andy Carroll. He is the most expensive after all.
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    has to be Heskey no?
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    Jimmy Johnstone
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    A bit biased maybe but Bobby Moore has to be in with a shout. Pele said he was the greatest defender in the world and he captained England to their only world cup win.
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    (Original post by pbsjohnz)
    What has Beckham done that is so great.

    Steven Gerrard should be there.
    Love the way you dismiss Beckham and then propose Gerrard.:rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Stu Laverty)
    I'm pretty stunned and saddened at the growing perception that David Beckham wasn't a great player. Not saying he deserves to be named the best British player ever, but you're being naive if you don't think he was a great talent.
    He was a great player, but nowhere near the best ever British footballer.
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    ALAN GROVES!! Oldham fans remember him as the greatest player that never really was, due to an untimely death....


    So that's my incredibly biased input into this thread
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    In my era, Shearer and Scholes.

    Don't feel I can judge those I'm too young to have seen.
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    Bobby Charlton, George Best, Gazza, Scholes, Gerrard

    One of those.
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    Alan shearer :d
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    George Best.
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    Billy Wright anyone?

    560+ appearances for Wolves in their hay-day. Played and fought in WW2. 105 caps for England, captaining them in three world cups in the 40s and 50s.
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    Sonny Pike. Could do things with a b ball the day he was born that Pele couldn't do in his peak.
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    (Original post by gozatron)
    Britain is the term used for the island containing the contiguous nations of England, Scotland and Wales.
    I know its a week old but why is this getting negged?

    The man speaks the truth.
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    (Original post by River85)
    Exactly. I'm quite surprised by those who name Beckham but miss so many other great names (particularly from other UK nations). I suppose if they're only including people they've seen "live" in their lifetime then that's fair enough. But I'm always frustrated by those who don't think he is/was a great player. For a few years, particularly 1999-2003, he was certainly amongst he very best in his position. His role in the treble winning Manchester side was just as crucial as that of York, Cole, Schmeichel, Stam or Keane. He was involved in so many goals. His ability with the ball, particularly in dead ball situations, is something we probably won't see in a British player for a long time yet.

    Yes, he's a good looking chap, but he always had more than that. He's England's most capped outfield player for more than just his looks and celebrity.
    It's amazing how underrated Beckham has become since he moved to the US. People easily forget he played for Manchester United, then Real Madrid and AC Milan. He also came 2nd in voting for the Ballon d'or in 1999. Anyone saying that he shouldn't be considered at all has clearly been watching his adverts and not his matches, he was a fantastic player, great passing ability, great engine, and he could finish, too - and not just from set pieces. I would not have him down as the best ever British player, but he's certainly up there with the names being thrown about in this thread.

    For my money it would be Scholes, his return this season was something a lot of Manchester United fans were skeptical about, but it has only served to prove his own legend, one of the most complete players I have ever seen.
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    How does David bloody Beckham get a mention before Gerrard?

    People forget just how good Gerrard was at his peak. Complete footballer.
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    Gary Lineker's worth a mention. Cracking goal scoring record and the only British player to ever win a World Cup Golden Boot (1986).


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