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Birthday right before exam

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    I don't even celebrate mine anymore .
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    (Original post by exlunu)
    Yeah, that is how sad it is. My birthday is 3 days before exam.I still have loads of work to revise. Should I celebrate it?
    Just ring your examination board and ask them to move the exam. They definitely give a ****.
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    (Original post by f1mad)
    I don't even celebrate mine anymore .
    6 people showed up to my 20th... Including myself.

    Then 4 of them left, and my remaining friend and I got in a fight.

    I had a black eye over xmas...
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    Eat your birthday cake in the exam?
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    (Original post by exlunu)
    Yeah, that is how sad it is. My birthday is 3 days before exam.I still have loads of work to revise. Should I celebrate it?
    I have my C4 Maths exam on my birthday... Consider yourself lucky

    To answer your question, of course not. Just celebrate it after your exams and you'll have 2 things to celebrate about. Imo, birthdays are nothing special. I'm sure you can miss out one birthday
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    my 18th is on a Sunday and I have exams on the Monday and Tuesday after, I'll probably just delay any big celebrations until the following weekend because the only exam i have left then is general studies
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    I usually celebrate my birthday on weekends anyway, so just pick a weekend
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    You're lucky. My birthday is the day after results day. If I didn't do so well I'm going to be depressed on my birthday

    I know a few people who have had exams on or near their birthdays just study you can celebrate it after the exam.
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    Having my Birthday, late in April, I have got used to not celebrating my birthday! It always during exams, don't worry you will get used to it. :P, your birthday will always be on the same day and exams (whether it be GCSE/A/ls/ or Uni ) will be during this time as well. :P
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    This is why I love my birthday being in July, no exams or school :awesome: it means I'm not faced with this dilemna... because I'd always choose to celebrate my birthday

    But yeah, if the exam is that important to you, celebrate your birthday afterwards or whatever. Having an exam doesn't mean it's not your birthday anymore, but if you want to celebrate it, why not do it afterwards and get all your friends together and do it as a joint birthday/end of exams celebration. That's what we did with my 15th birthday, they threw me a surprise birthday party on the beach disguised as an end of exams celebration barbecue and it was lovely
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    ha, well last year i had an exam the day before my birthday, on my birthday and the day after my birthday
    hows that for bad timing

    just celebrate it on the weekend, really its not a big deal
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    My birthday is the day before two of my exams (that clash) and I'm just going to spend it at home by myself, revising. Getting 4 A's is way more important than celebrating the day you were born. Last year I had a spanish exam on my birthday and you just have to live with it. I know it sucks but just think of opening that results card in August and seeing good results because thats the best birthday present you can get. So don't celebrate, revise and do well in your exams.
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    i love how this is actually a huge issue.. The Dilemma of the western youth.. a birthday before an exam...
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    wow, people on TSR never fail to amaze me.

    3 days before?! Go out and have fun, it's your birthday. How much do you seriously need to revise?!

    If you're so bothered about it, then revise like mad up until your birthday, take a day off and then you still have 2 more days. Seriously, people on TSR revise far too much, obviously you aren't using your time effectively if you need to do this much revision. :rolleyes:
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    Happens to me every year.. just go for a drink in the evening.
    I don't really care for birthdays though..
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    I hate exams before the birthday, my mrs bday falls on an exam which is kinda poop. Although I found a cool item that can be used for birthdays... bit pointless but cool
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    (Original post by tomfisher1)
    I hate exams before the birthday, my mrs bday falls on an exam which is kinda poop. Although I found a cool item that can be used for birthdays... bit pointless but cool
    Wtf... I can go outside, pick up a stone and bring it back into my home for free. Who'd spend £7 on a stone with googly eyes? And are you advertising your own "merchandise" or were you being serious about it being an ideal present, because if you were being serious, don't expect much gratitude from your girlfriend, exam or no exam, it'll be a pretty disappointing day...
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    thanks all
    today is mah birthday
    i decided not to go out and delay it till exam is over
    however, my flatmates surprised me with cakes and gifts.i feel so happy
    Im 20 years old today and still lonely
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    it's gonna be my birthday on the day of a tough a2 philosophy exam, woo hoo

    best present evah. :dance:
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    My birthday is on one of the most important exams of my life: My english exam, do you really think i'm going to celebrate it?


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Updated: May 8, 2012
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