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M82 - Coin of the realm Motion

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    M82 - Coin of the realm Motion, barnetladThis House notes that many people still pay for goods and services in cash and that giving change can add to the time is takes for such transactions and the impact this has on the retail economy.

    This House therefore asks the TSR Government to introduce a 99p coin which will reduce the number of times change has to be given. The rear of the coin should show a representation of a happy retailer.

    Commemorative versions should be issued in 2015 to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt and the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, and one each given to Francois Hollande or to Nicolas Sarkhozy, whomever is elected President of France.
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    Like that it's a joke, but it's so MRLP cliched really. It is slightly funny though so aye.
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    (Original post by Metrobeans)
    Nicolas Sarkhozy
    It is Sarkozy!
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    A 99p coin would actually be very useful!
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    And to mark the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC forces at Gallipoli. Can't forget that.
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    The reason there isn't a 99p coin is because it forces cashiers to go into the till for change, and thus logging the transaction. Makes pocketing money harder.

    TheMoreYouKnow (tm).
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    Should we not also then have a 49p coin?
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    personally i think we should abolish cash altogether and move to credit cards, far simpler and makes robbing ;people a lot hard but for the sake of this bill aye.
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    Aye, lol, why not.
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    Doesn't sound too bad. :lol:
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    Makes much more sense then some bills I've seen before. :P

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    (Original post by tehFrance)
    It is Sarkozy!
    Pardon (sorry).

    At least I think I spell Hollande correctly should he win next week. I'd argue for a 99 cent coin in the Eurozone too, though of course as the MRLP have said we should keep the pound (and the ounce, chain, furlong and other imperial measures) in part to confuse French visitors, I feel I cannot comment on the Euro.

    And Gallipoli should also be remembered.
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    I think this is quite a good idea! Aye!
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    I like the idea of Commemorative coins for Agincourt and Waterloo, so aye!
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    aye, even though its a joke bill a 99p coin would actually be useful
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