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Should gay people be allowed to adopt?

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    *Just to let you all know, I AM GAY myself*

    Well, we all know there is a controversy as to whether or not gay people should be allowed to adopt because of the typical theme of one of the other;

    1. Bullying
    2. Not having a male/female role model (Whether gay or lesbian couple)
    3. The typical "Without a role model of the same gender, they may become gay themselves"

    I can personally say number 3 isn't true, I was raised in a heterosexual household and I can say I just don't find the opposite gender attractive.

    Personally, since I am unlikely to have kids, I would like to adopt, but, I would obviously ask the kid if they wanted to be adopted by a same sex couple because it could get a bit awkward for them.

    However, there are many kids out there born and are not wanted or their parents are unfit to be their guardians. So, I think if I become a man with a stable income in the future, I would like to adopt because I could provide a home for a child.

    What do you think?

    It would appear people are saying no on the poll without saying so by leaving any messages. I would like to understand the reasoning behind this by people against it leaving a message to voice your opinion. So far, only 1 or two seem to try and back up their claims.

    There is a series of research on page 4 of this thread posted by NYU2012 (Thanks)
    So, if you want anything for gay parents to adopt, please visit.
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    No one cares boyo.
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    Why the hell not?!
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    I think gay couples should be allowed to adopt. It's just a shame that some people frown upon gay people's rights.
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    Surely it is better to have gay parents than no parents at all?
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    There is absolutely no reason not to. The criteria and factors to be considered for eligibility for gay couples are no different at all from those of straight couple. If anything authorities should assist those wishing to adopt, rather than obstruct. it is after all a thankless service to society for providing to the unfortunate young a better shot at finding their place in society.
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    Got to love the results of the poll so far. :lol:
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    Yeah, the less kids in care and the more with parents who genuinely want them the better.
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    So long as they fit all the other criteria yes.

    I'm just doing revision for a topic and it mentions homosexuals adopting, most do grow up to be hetreosexuals (contray to the weird belief that gay parents = child will be gay) with no more mental/social issues than those who are adopted into hetreosexual families, so why shouldn't they be allowed to adopt?
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    I think it's better that a child is raised with 2 dad's or 2 mum's then in a heterosexual but abusive home although, I personally would prefer a mum and a dad (I am not against gay people at all just my opinion)
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    i'm sorry but you can see well developed kids that are the products of gay couples... eg.

    gay couples would be no better nor worse than straight couples... there is no valid reason why they shouldn't be able to adopt/have surrogate..

    even celebrity couples... i think ellen degenerous and her wife portia would be excellent parents.. though i don't think they want to go down that route... and what about elton john and his mister... there are plenty of gay couples that would be fabulous parents just as there are straight couples that are fabulous parents.
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    Yes. Anyone should be able to adopt as long as they have the ability and resources to do to.
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    Yh, you should be allowed to adopt. At the end of the day, the child should come first, and whether that means living with gay or heterosexual parents doesn't matter. Anyway, I never thought that your sexual preference directly affects your ability to raise a child (for those who do, they seriously need to take some diversity classes)
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    With regards to bullying, if we can eradicate homophobia then it won't be an issue. And one step towards eradicating homophobia is to allow homosexuals equal rights, adopting a child, for example.

    The idea that a child must have a male and a female parents to have a good life is ridiculous, and there is no reason homosexual couples can not fulfil these roles. Countries like America don't want gay people to adopt because they don't want gay people at all
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    (Original post by Scienceisgood)
    1. Bullying
    (a) A child is no way guaranteed to be bullied because they have same-sex parents -- children experience bullying for any number of things.

    (b) Studies have never found that the bullying a child may receive has had any long-term detrimental affects.

    (Original post by Scienceisgood)
    2. Not having a male/female role model (Whether gay or lesbian couple)
    (a) Role models need not come from within the child-parent relationship

    (b) In all reality, one does not need a role model of the opposite and/or same-sex -- a role model can, in reality, be of any sex or gender.

    (Original post by Scienceisgood)
    3. The typical "Without a role model of the same gender, they may become gay themselves"
    HAHAHA. Yeah, this isn't even close to true.

    Essentially, there's no good reason whatsoever to prevent a loving, stable, etc. same-sex couple from adopting.
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    Of course they should.

    The last point, that gay parents lead to gay children, is quite obviously false. As you say, most gay people grew up with heterosexual parents!

    I'd imagine that kids that realise they're gay might feel more able to come out and be who they are if they have gay parents, but that's probably more due to the level of support than homosexuality being "contagious". Also, what's wrong with the kids turning out gay? It's always presented as the most horrific tragedy that could possibly befall society... Haven't we got past that yet??

    Then there's not having role models of whatever gender, and that's not really a valid point either. Single parent families don't get all this scrutiny, so why gay families? The kid would most likely have family or family friends that were that gender anyway.

    The first point you made, bullying, is harder to scoff at. It's true that kids tend to mock each other for being even slightly different. But non-traditional families barely get a raised eyebrow nowadays. In my circle of friends, for instance, there's my divorced and remarried parents, a friend with a single mother, a friend who was adopted by his grandparents, a friend who was adopted after spending time in care, a friend with a single father, along with the "normal" nuclear families. These different family structures were all scandalous at one time. No one cares anymore. In a few years same-sex parent families will be the same.
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    I find it interesting that everyone posting in the thread is pro-gay adoption. We've yet to hear from the handful of people who disagree with it...
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    If the child is fine with it then so am I.
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    Better two dads than no dads...
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