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What Career Choices Are There Around WildLife Animals or Dinosaurs?

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    I'm curious what sort of jobs there are around the sectors of extinct animals, or such things such as Marine Biology.
    I'm an attendant at St Olaves Grammar School, and for A Levels am doing Maths, Chemistry, Biology and History.

    What sort of careers are there around extinct animals however? How hard are they to get into? What are the annual salaries like? Also what university courses do you think I should be looking at?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thankyou very much
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    There is this:

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    I got a place at Newstead but turnned it down! Anyway, yeah paleontology, a few (two) unis offer this, or you could do a degree in Biology, and do a post-grad course in something more specific. Sorry, not been of much help.
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    Well you could study marine biology, biology, zoology or something like that at least at first, and find a career on that area that way.

    If you want to do something more practical you can always become zookeepper or something like that, and take care of the animals.

    Then there are researchers. If you study at university you can always become researcher and well... do research.

    I don`t know about other career choices, but when you look at university courses online they often have "career" part where they tell what kind of career can you have by studying so and so. If I` were you I would look at those.
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    Work at a natural history museum (curator would be the most relevant)
    Be a scientist

    To be honest, there aren't many.
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    OMG, my sister is asking the same question. She got offers to do a maths degree. Now she is thinking about wildlife animals.

    One very interesting route that you can go to is ecological statistician. http://www.ncse.org.uk/

    One of my professors is in it. His lectures on estimating wild animals population and mortality are very interesting. He shows us photos of "field work".

    On the list of dissertation that we got to choose from, there are interesting titles like, "Simulation of meerkat survival", "Capture-recapture models for snakes".
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    Jurassic Park attendant?


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