Sixth form or College?

    I wasn't entirely sure where would be the best place to ask this question, but here will do. My boyfriend is undecided about his options for next year. I'm already in year 12 at Sixth Form, so unfortunately I can only give a bias viewpoint (obviously I'd prefer it if he went to sixth form, but after all, it is his decision). However, in our area it is generally seen that the kids who don't have any aspirations, who have done badly at secondary school and who don't really care about what they end up doing go to the local college. They scrape a qualification and then end up stuck in a job they hate, or not having one at all. The kids who definately want to go to university, and who have dreams and know how to achieve them, go to Sixth Form, as a general rule round here. I'm fully aware that it wont be the same pattern everywhere, so I apologize if this causes offense.

    He's not a stupid kid. He could so easily achieve greatly (probably a bias viewpoint again, but hey ho) if he made the right choice. He wants to study Maths, Business, ICT and Graphics at A-level. Can anyone with experience of College and Sixth form help me (or rather, help him) decide? It'd be much appreciated.

    So do you mean, he has the choice of doing his A-Levels either at the sixth form or at the college?

    Oh I didn't make that clear, sorry, yeah he can do them at either

    I suppose it's his choice really, it'll depend on where he'd be most comfortable? And who has the better teaching facilities?
    A-Levels are difficult and if the sixth form has a better standard of teaching, he'd probably be better off there

    He says he's 55% sure he wants to go to Sixth Form but doesn't want to close his options... Sixth form has better teaching facilities but College is supposedly more relaxed in the sense that they don't pressure you so much to complete deadlines and wont harrass you to do work as much. Although that could mean that if you began to struggle, unless you asked for help straight out it would be likely to go undetected until it's too late, whereas they'd pick it up at Sixth Form straight away. Agh, this is difficult and it's not even my future :argh:

    Haha definitely do not need relaxed teaching when it comes to A-Levels!! I wouldn't have got any work done if the teachers were lax about it. It'll depend on where he'd work best, if he'd need the encouragement and would slack off if he didn't get any, then he should definitely go for sixth form! Can't coast through A-Levels doing no work and expect good grades (most of the time)

    Thank you I'll definately be telling him all of this soon :P


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