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If i repeat a year of A-levels would it reduce my chances to get into university

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    (Original post by AliceStrawbs)
    I did my A-levels, went to Bristol for a year, left and I am doing extra A-levels this year at home. I also have an offer for Cambridge. Things don't always work out the way you expect them to and Unis do understand this. So if it came to it, yes, you could do an extra year of A-levels but if you have a choice just work really hard this year and next and then go from there
    Hi AliceStrawbs, could you let me know more of what your situation was that made you took time off uni to do A Levels and apply to Cambridge? What subject were you in? Did you apply for the same course at Cambridge, and were the A Levels you took new ones you hadn't studied before or just a way to keep up studying while you applied? Thanks, it's just I'm in a similar situation, I've just done one year of university and want to change field, and ideally want to and think I could study at Oxbridge - if only I had known and done so on the first time round of A Levels, I wonder how much they look down on people redoing A Levels a second time to get in..
    Thanks for your help, look forward to hearing from you
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    I didn't get very good grades for AS : Biology (b) Chemistry (c) Physics (c) Mathematics (c). I was hoping for at least 3 A's.

    If I repeat the whole AS year and then continue to A2 with the new system, would it hinder my chances of getting into medicine at Cambridge University?

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    Im doing my As year again as i got results that i didnt expect and now im doing them again but dropimg an A level and doing a Btec with media studies will i be at a disadvantage when i apply next year because my entry requirements are now two distictions and a grade C in media
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    (Original post by LifeIsGood)
    I'm a resit student and honestly it worked out fine. I've applied for Biomed though so it is a bit different, however IF you do retake the year - let me know. I can give lots of tips.
    Hi! Im thinking of taking bio-medical science in uni but i had to retake my as level due to getting bad grades what uni did you apply for? And could you give me any tips on how you applied for uni? Thanks a bunch
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    Could you also give me some tips as well please
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    Hey, I believe Unis understand that things don't always go as planned and nobody will frown at you if you apply next year. Now you just gotta work hard and then, when it comes to writing a PS next year you will only have to state that you had this kind of a gap year. Maybe it's just me but a candidate who decided to spend a year improving their skills seems highly motivated
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    Hey, I got BCU For Finance, Applied Business and Maths. My AS levels were bad, im now in A2 believing that I can get BB for Finance and Applied Business However ive also picked up As Accounting and I can't do A2 until next year of course. can i still get into loughborough if i get an A but it also means that i would have to take a year out to self teach my A2 Accounting is this still recognised i need help !


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Updated: October 21, 2015
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