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Can't afford rediculously high deposit on accommodation

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    (Original post by kassiopeia)
    I had to give 2 months rent in advance, admin fee and cleaning fee!

    There seems to be a bit of a confusion here. This is how it normally works:

    1. You normally pay the equivalent of one month rent as a deposit. This money should be protected in a tenancy deposit scheme. The deposit is fully refundable when you move out and leave the property in the same condition you found it in the first place. This is why inventories are important when you rent privayely. When you move out an exit inventory should be done and you should get your full deposit back (minus the costs for any damage you might have caused).

    2. Then you pay one month rent in advance. This is normal. Rent is always paid in advance unless you live on housing allowance (LHA) as the council pays in arrears.

    3. Letting agents/unis may also charge an admin fee which often seems to be arounf £50.

    In summary 1 month rent in advance + deposit (equal to 1 month rent - refundable) is normal.
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    I had to fork out 750 for my deposit when my loan was far from coming in and my bank balance was slim. After much though I came to the conclusion to get a new student account with Halifax as they offer you 1000 interest free overdraft for students up front. This in turn solved my dilemma!

    I suggest you do the same!
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    (Original post by hunter0510)
    There seems to be a bit of a confusion here. This is how it normally works:

    In summary 1 month rent in advance + deposit (equal to 1 month rent - refundable) is normal.



    there is often only an admin and/or holding fee required 6 months in advance of the move
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    Hey just wondering what came to be in the end, as I'am in the exact same boat now?
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    Well what happened is I said "You know what, forget this place", it was put nicely a junk hole, based in luton, I'd rather not be witness to rallys/marches and EDL vs the muslim community every year.
    They were useless and ignorant when I contacted them, with regards to student support they were absolutely no help with giving me any information on what they can offer for learning difficulties etc.

    I declined them and went through clearing and am now going to a lovely university - Trinity Saint David in Carmarthen, and I'm currently awaiting their forms to apply.
    Although I will end up in a twin room but hey, it's gonna be a lot worst for the other person because they are stuck with me!

    Hope you manage to sort it out, if you feeling that the university are not treating you like a human/student and just like a walking money sack like bedfordshire did to me then go through clearing, it's easier than it looks and ANYONE can get a place!


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