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Interviews and confidentiality disclaimers: which medical schools use them?

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    I'm wondering if those that have applied for medicine this cycle could help me out and let me know of any interviews you've had where you've been required to 1) sign a formal disclaimer, 2) been advised in an interview invite not to share interview information or 3) been advised verbally in the interview/before the interview. I'm trying to come up with a list for TSR and it'd help a lot.

    Aberdeen: N/A
    Birmingham: N/A
    Imperial: N/A
    Liverpool: N/A
    Newcastle: N/A
    Peninsula: N/A
    Sheffield: N/A
    Southampton: N/A
    St Andrews: N/A
    Swansea GEP: N/A
    UCL: N/A
    HYMS: N/A

    Barts and The London: Disclaimer
    Dundee: Disclaimer
    Glasgow: Disclaimer
    Keele: Disclaimer (?)
    King's: Disclaimer
    Lancaster: Disclaimer
    Leeds: Disclaimer
    Leicester: Disclaimer
    Queen's University Belfast: Disclaimer

    Cambridge: Letter (varies by college?)

    UEA: Verbal
    Manchester: Verbal
    Nottingham: Verbal
    Oxford: Verbal
    Warwick GEP: Verbal

    Edinburgh: Doesn't interview

    St George's:
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    Lancaster- I was required to sign a formal disclaimer not to discuss anything about the MMI.
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    I was required to sign for BL (I think, I can find out for you though), Leicester (definetely) and Keele (pretty sure I had to sign it in the pre-room wait before being called). Leciester also included that I was required to sign I had never attended a medical school before.
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    Pretty sure I had to sign disclaimer's for both Manchester and BL.. but not 100% sure
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    I'm pretty sure BL do as does King's as far as I know
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    BL: I know I signed something for my BL interview... I'm just not sure what it was. I either didn't read it or forgot about it
    Peninsula: I didn't get 1,2 or 3. In fact, after the first people were interviewed, the rest of us discussed it while we were waiting for ours (Provided the first person shared with us what was in the interview).
    Imperial: Nothing. Some people were discussing it afterwards in the waiting room.
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    Nothing like that at UCL - but am willing to be updated with slightly more up to date information!
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    Nothing like that at Glasgow or Sheffield.
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    Advised verbally after interview at UEA
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    signed a disclaimer for Leeds
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    Nothing for Southampton either....
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    Nothing from Glasgow, Manchester or Newcastle this year.
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    I didn't have any of 1,2or3 at Glasgow, Aberdeen or St Andrews this year.
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    Think I signed for pms (not sure though it was a while ago), Did for Barts, didn't for Glasgow afaik.
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    nothing for glasgow or aberdeen
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    Barts GEP told me verbally not to talk about it, Newcastle didn't.
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    Can anybody confirm what I've got from Keele (disclaimer), Manchester (disclaimer) and Peninsula (nothing)?
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    (Original post by Beska)
    Can anybody confirm what I've got from Keele (disclaimer), Manchester (disclaimer) and Peninsula (nothing)?
    Didn't get anything from Peninsula
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    I didn't get anything from Swansea GEP.
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    Manchester - we were told not to discuss it, but not formal disclaimer (people discussed it anyway, rather loudly as well :P)
    Cambridge - they told us in a letter not to discuss stuff in the interview, but I don't think it was subject specific and nothing written
    Imperial - nothing official nor were we told not to discuss


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