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why is it acceptable to poke fun at christians but not muslims?

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    (Original post by MrCarmady)
    not to mention all the consensual 9-year-old pussy...oh wait
    The Prophet had several wives, some older than him.
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    (Original post by mican)
    :eek: ouch!always with the killing.

    so far i've seen the verses only commanding us to stay away from those who make fun of Islam.
    but i'll try and find out more on this.going to update later, if i managed to find the right answer.
    so far i've heard advice only telling us to stay away from Muslims...

    are you really going to look for the answer for this question on the quran or something like this? Can't you think for yourself? Can't you reach the conclusion that killing someone for mocking Islam or any other reason is absolutely wrong by yourself? Do you need the quran to tell you what's right and wrong? don't you have a mind of your own?
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    (Original post by xXxiKillxXx)
    People want fame and power so their lives are more comfortable. The Prophet refused to compromise even a SINGLE aspect of the deen in return for wordly possessions.
    So why did his mates have to give him some of their booty that they got when they raided whatever place.
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    (Original post by hannaaahlima)
    yes, and when he was done with the old ones, he looked for a 9-year-old child. and no, she had not reached puberty yet. it is a proven scientific fact that people back then reached puberty much later than we do now, so it is not possible for a 9-year-old girl at that time have reached puberty already.
    No it is not.
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    (Original post by xXxiKillxXx)

    The way booty is to be distributed is as follows:

    Source please.
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    (Original post by Ayshizzle)
    Source please.

    And before you say its biased, the scholars who write these articles never do so in order to please anyone. They speak the full truth even if people vehemently oppose it.
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    Fear and Cowardice
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    (Original post by Reform)
    Freedom of expression is allowed, to an extent.

    If an individual wants to attack a persons belief for whatever reason, they should be prepared to face the consequences.
    What, because he drew a cartoon you think it is reasonable that he live the rest of his life in fear? And you wonder why people constantly mock Islam...
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    (Original post by xXxiKillxXx)

    And before you say its biased, the scholars who write these articles never do so in order to please anyone. They speak the full truth even if people vehemently oppose it.
    Still, why did the prophet need any of it? Should have given all of it to charity.
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    (Original post by Siiba)
    I do not recognise any of these countries as true Islamic states, Saudi for example only pick and choose from the Sharia, they add their own laws and they are oppressive towards women. There is no country in the world that runs by true Sharia law.
    this is, of course, the standard answer

    why is it that no country in the world runs by "true Shariah law" ?

    simple : because it's impossible.

    Muslims think that a State run by "true" Shariah would be some sort of perfect Shan-griLa, so it is unlikely that anything close to it will ever materialize.

    In the meantime, we have "imperfect Shariah" at work in many "Muslim" States : not really a nice sight
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    i got warned for this stupid thread, so i'll just leave this here
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    (Original post by x.Hana.x)
    Jaysus you started it by saying 'the awkward moment when was hitler was jewish', so ur the one saying pointless things, since that statement was nothing to do with what I was saying, which was, that just because for example hitler committed atrocitys and osam ba bin laden did, dusnt mean we should judge christianity or islam on their example. Ur the one going off topic, and I decided to correct ur point, off topic as it was. Having jewish blood is irrevelant completely, sincr as I said beforr, he based it evidently on religion not race, I was trying to demonstrate to you in a lighthearted way that he was christian despite his race. Logic.Calm down, Lol, u dnt need to reply, but peace, out ;-) x

    LEARN to right properly, I can't even sit and read this and to be honest it's human nature to judge so get over it.
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    LEARN to right properly
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    (Original post by Siiba)
    Islam has bullied the world into silence? I think not. Rcentley an American Muslim was beaten up and killed, a note was left on her body saying 'go back home'.
    Regarding the cartoonist, he made a mockery out of the Prophet, I'm sorry if we regard our religion as something of great importance, it really isn't my fault that other religions don't stand up for their religons as much as a lot of Muslim's do...

    Sorry to butt in here but standing up for somebody is something, killing others as a result of it is compelte and utter ignorance
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    (Original post by MrCarmady)

    She's still writing like were back in the MSN days *sigh*
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    (Original post by simonbellringer)
    But since when do you hear of Muslims doing good things? You hear of Christian charities such as Christian Aid; I cannot think of a Muslim charity.
    Seriously? Here's one for a start Muslim Aid.
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    Mocking Islam is perfectly acceptable! Although I can't think of anyone who has been murdered for mocking Christianity in recent years, and the same can't be said about Islam (which doesn't make my passionate advocating of multiculturalism much easier)... Still, Dara O'Briain made the point that he doesn't mock Islam simply because neither he nor his audience actually knows enough about it to make any good jokes!
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    (Original post by Soph(:)
    She's still writing like were back in the MSN days *sigh*
    If you're going to be a Grammar Nazi, please check your own spelling and grammar. She's still right about Hitler, and you're wrong.
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    (Original post by MrCarmady)
    Common sense rarely enters into creationist arguments though, so that's fine. And evolution has been tested in controlled environments, and the amount of physical evidence for it happening otherwise is overwhelming. Also, of course gravity is more of a certainty, I was just criticising the point people try to make when they harp on the theory of evolution.
    Evolution according to the theory, no offence is supposed to happen over time and their should strong physical change in body shape, nature, dietary, etc which can't be shown in controlled environments or in any short amount of period. The problem behind evolution is the missing links, in terms of fossils because their has been thousands and thousands of fossils yet many aren't their which show the gradual physical change.
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    Yes, there are. The confusion stems from the concept of the missing link, while there was of course no point at which apes 'became' humans, it was all gradual. Read a decent book on evolution, there's loads of evidence for it, including those fossils.


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