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Favourite anime openings and endings?

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    Hi guys, after recently finding a new anime song which has taken a spot in my top 5. I was just wondering what your top 5 are (in no particular order, all have a great amount of awesomeness), mine are listed below;

    1. Tsubasa Chronicles- Blaze
    2. Higurashi Opening 2
    3. Big Windup! Season 2 opening
    4. Highschool of the Dead opening
    5. All Fairy Tail openings (except rock city boy)

    Will submit endings later on.
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    Probably my favorites are

    Umineko na Naku Koro ni OP (shame everything past the OP was terrible, curse you DEEN)

    Mirai Nikki OP one (suddenly blood everywhere)

    Fate/Zero both OPs

    Second Last FMA:Brotherhood OP

    Ghost in a Shell OP one

    I tend to skip credit sequences, although I'd give a mention to both F/Z and Mirai Nikki EDs.
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    One piece - fight together
    Bleach - Asterisk
    Deathnote opening 2
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    Samurai Champloo opening is great!

    Also Ouran High School Host Club. ;3
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    I always do a massive list of these so Im just going to limit it to two more recent ones :redface:

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    Couldn't really begin to compile list of 'best ever', but, relevant to now, I really really like the OP of Sankarea
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    I liked the ending of Gundam Wing because it had a really good solo
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    I'll just post a couple




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Updated: May 7, 2012
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