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Any lucid dreamers on here?

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    (Original post by Ruthie!)
    I have had a few lucid dreams.. One of my most recent I remember I was for some reason upside down in a toilet cubicle, and I saw my own feet, then I was like.. Wait a minute, I'm dreaming! Wandered around for a bit but woke up shortly after.

    My most vivid was when I was a kid.. Parents still together so about 6 I reckon.
    I was an ant, and we were being marched to our deaths basically (a water slide!) and I "woke up". It was like I knew I was having a nightmare but couldn't wake myself up properly. I said to the other ants, this isn't real, slid down the water slide (didn't die obviously) and walked around until I found a guard and I told him that this was just a dream and I wanted to wake up now.
    I know it must have been scary, but I loved the line "so I said to the other ants". It was so nonchalant!
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    (Original post by original_username)
    I'm aware that I'm dreaming in most of my dreams. I try to make stuff happen but it just doesn't happen.

    Most frustrating example is a recurring dream where I'm flying, but not good flying, I'm just above head height so although I can fly I just look lame to the people living in my dream. I constantly try to fly properly but it doesn't have any of it!
    This really made me chuckle for some reason. I often have trouble getting adequate height too ha ha
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    Yeah, I do it from time to time. I also find it really easy to continue the same dream the whole night, that means 'resuming' my dream after waking.
    Still feels like a dream though
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    (Original post by Superlogon)
    im confused, is lucid dreaming being able to remember the dream? because i remember all my dreams (haven't practiced, just do!) or is lucid dreaming about being able to control the dream? can't do that!
    lucid dreaming means conscious awareness during the dream state... that you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming and therefore can control what is going on...

    if ever you are really interested in this, read: "exploring the world of lucid dreaming" by Stephen LaBerge & Howard Rheingold
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    (Original post by O'Donovan)
    Haha, I don't think anyone does that. If you have to constantly check to see if you're in reality or a dream then you might have a problem.
    Really? Oh dear I might have a problem then!

    I do it when I'm awake to train my subconscious into doing it when I'm asleep. Saying that, I know when I'm awake really, but if you ask yourself anyway a few times a day it becomes a habit in dreams as well. Works for me anyway!
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    (Original post by O'Donovan)
    Haha, I don't think anyone does that. If you have to constantly check to see if you're in reality or a dream then you might have a problem.
    It's not to make sure you're actually awake - when we're awake, we know we're awake. But when you're dreaming, you still assume you're awake, so if you get into the habit of doing check when you're awake then that'll carry over into your dreams.
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    Thought everyone did this, didnt think they actually had a fancy word for it.
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    not as of yet, but it's one of my goals in life...
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    When I was younger I used to grasp I was dreaming A LOT and I was able to control my dreams aswell... I've only been able to do this in adulthood once.
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    Never experienced lucid dreaming but I've just been reading about it & it sounds like it would be interesting to try it out.
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    (Original post by 360kal)
    so sleeping early is the secret? lol

    HahaI dunno about tht, but I read sonewhere in an article about lucid dreaming and How To's that if you have at least 5 hours good full sleep or so, wake up for a few minutes, then go back slowly to sleep with the full intention of being able to control your dream (as in to lucid dream), then youll b mor likely to do it...it seemed to work for me....but of course you have to do other things with that, such as those reality checks people here were talking about, the ones I did was during a real day, I would interlock my fingers of both hands with each other repeatedly for a few seconds at a time...if I could do ot it repeatedly, a nd your fingers slid over each other easily, you were in reality....i tried the light switching too but the hand thing worked better....
    Lol, I sound so serious about it there, haha, but this is why I Loved Inception, because its an idea that might be possible in the future, since people can already control their own dreams.......
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    Btw someone mentioned something there about flying in dreams- I have this too! But how high can you go? Its something that s been bugging me recently- I used to b able to kick off from h ground and fly as high as I wanted, but now I can only go about a few feet above ground nd its in enclosed space (in the dream of course). Wierd because im happier now than I was then :-) x
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    I have done before, but it was very limited in terms of what I did.
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    (Original post by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz)
    and not once did you wish for the fittest woman in the world? what is wrong with you man, what have video games done to you
    lets just say you can but you reach the orgasmic point very shortly after penetration and wake up, because your mind manipulates your body and to be fair I don't fancy jizzing in my sleep all over my gf :P
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    (Original post by 360kal)
    but how do you do the reality checks when the dreams feels real, or do you do them often even when awake so your unconscious mind gets used to it?
    I used to do them all the time when awake, then I eventually starting doing them in dreams. Now I don't do them as much, but if I think about dreaming and do a few reality checks throughout the day, and think about it when going to sleep (particularly if I'm having a nap or am going back to sleep after waking during the night), I realise I'm dreaming fairly often. Just works for me personally.

    (Original post by Guitarded)
    What do you use? I usually check my hand/count my fingers (since your hand always looks weird in a dream), but I just can't get into the habit of remembering to do it regularly
    I always try to put my finger through something (e.g. a nearby wall or my other hand). Maybe try using an alarm on your phone? That helped me to begin with, then I started remembering to do it without an alarm. You could start doing it when you're not around loads of people, then after a while it should become something you remember to do whenever/wherever?

    Another important thing is to really focus on whether or not you're dreaming when performing an RC. When you perform them a lot, you can get into the habit of mindlessly doing them, which won't help you as much as you be actively thinking about dreaming. Also, if you mindlessly do an RC in a dream you can fool yourself into thinking the RC shows that you're awake (e.g. in my example, I wouldn't be able to put my finger through a wall, because I'm not really concentrating and wouldn't expect it to happen). That's happened to me before and it's so annoying, so make sure you really focus on them and try to get them to fail.
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    I have vivid dreams pretty much every night. And half the time they are lucid, I realise it's a dream and start controlling it myself, worrying the whole time that I'm going to wake up and it'll be over. The other day, I did wake up but just went back asleep and back into the dream.

    I love being able to control them
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    For some reason my way of confirming I'm dreaming has for ages been to throw myself through the nearest available window and fly. Even Inception hasn't cured me of that...
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    My friend is a lucid dreamer! She said that when she's studying for exams, she can go to sleep at night and study all night too in her dreams and remember it in the morning. Soo strange!
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    I had another one last night.
    My mum told me (in my dream) that it was mothers days, and I said, "no it's not, its a thursday... Wait a minute.. I'm dreaming aren't I?!"
    Looked at my hand, and I had about 6/7 fingers and I was like "see I told you it's a dream, I have too many fingers, count them!"
    I remembered it all at the time but I can only remember some now, I also moved a frog in my kitchen to somewhere more sensible. My mum said it was behind me, so I put it on the floor instead where I could see it.
    Longest one I've ever had!
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    (Original post by pauline_lg)
    My friend is a lucid dreamer! She said that when she's studying for exams, she can go to sleep at night and study all night too in her dreams and remember it in the morning. Soo strange!
    Seriously? That's amazing! How is she supposed to study though if she hasn't actually got a book (that's readable/contains all the correct information) when she's dreaming though? There's been a few times (usually around exam periods) where I dream about trying to remember my notes, and usually wake up panicking because I can't remember them, then realise it was all just gibberish calculations anyway! (but those are just normal non-lucid dreams)


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