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Who else is starting midwifery at bournemouth sept 2012?

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    Hey I have a place to study midwifery for this sept at bournemouth, is anyone else starting too?
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    My dream uni & course, lucky you! I hope to join you next year

    How did you get in? (:
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    Haha with alot of work loool! Geel free to pm me and i can give you some tips etc which I think worked xx
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    thank you so sooooo much!!
    I'll pm you in the hols about interviews and things :P
    See you next year hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ok then
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    heya!!! yay someone!! have u spoken to anyone else starting? have you done all the forms, im excited!!
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    nooo i know nobody else at the uni, im moving from kent to go there! im so excited just waiting to sort out accomodation now though! do you know anybody else?
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    Heyy join the fb group, everyone is in there!! Pm me an ill sens you link and can add me on fb too


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Updated: August 24, 2012
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