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Vet nursing and accommodation at RVC

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    Hi everyone,
    I firmed my unconditional offer from the RVC for their BSc vet nursing course at the beginning of March and shortly afterwards emailed them asking about accommodation because I really wanted to get into the new halls. They replied saying I would recieve an accommodation pack in "late spring". This was great until I was looking around the RVC facebook page a few days ago and saw that the application deadline for the new halls was on the 20th of April and I haven't even recieved my accommodation pack yet... I'm a bit worried now but trying not to stress out too much about it i guess. I don't know what is going on, I've called the accommodation office but I just keep getting forwarded through to the wrong people and I've sent an email but haven't had a reply yet.
    Any information about what's happened with anyone else would be really appreciated and also if anyone else is going to be on my course talk to me!!!!! I'm really looking forward to meeting lots of new people!
    Thanks guysss.
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    Hi there - I wouldn't worry too much. Looking at other threads accommodation packs have only started going out this week. Lots of students only got their offers for VNing at the end of last week - I'm sure things are done a bit differently for the VNs. Don't you want Odiham? As there is a ‘no fixed term contract’ for Odiham Hall, short term lets are available, therefore, flexible around your placements subject to availability.. Considering you will be away on placement from Jan - Easter why would you want to pay for a room that you possibly won't be living in? - just a thought.......
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    I've thought about it and decided I don't mind paying for the room even if I'm not going to be there because I'd rather have a set base on campus and I'm hoping to find placements near hawkshead anyway. I just think I'd settle in a lot better with a permanent room and I wouldn't like to be moving around every term.
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    when i went looked around the rvc, i asked about the new student village rooms and whether nurses were allowed to live in them (i applied there this year). from what the vet who was showing us round said i gathered that the rooms were not available to vet nurses yet, which may be annoying but unfortunately because there is enough accommodation which is not fixed term for the nursing students the rvc can just offer these fixed term rooms to vets i guess. I hope you are able to sort it though
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    yeah i've been shown round as well and i asked about it but no one there will really give a clear answer about nurses living there and its really annoying! ooh are you going there for vet nursing this year??
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    thats pretty annoying they should just tell you really. I have harper adams as my first choice and rvc as my second choice, so i will be if i dont get into harper
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    yeah i'm getting really annoyed with them aah cool i got an interview at harper but ended up withdrawing my application because i just got too impatient for their reply and i got unconditionals from everywhere else. good luck!!!
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    I've put RVC for my firm for Bsc Vet nursing

    Personally I think Odiham hall will be best because of the flexible contract Even if you want to stay near campus for placement you can still have a room at Odiham hall long term and you wouldn't have to move.

    Also I think Odiham hall will be good because you can meet everyone else on the course.
    When I had a tour around the campus the Vet student said the VN students always have amazing parties haha :P
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    awesome hiiiii yeah i guesss i'm just gonna see what happens. have you got your accommodation pack yet? yayyyy for amazing parties :banana:
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    email [email protected] and ask them about deadline dates etc.

    As far as I know vet nurses would be *allowed* to be in the new halls, but that the assumption is that the won't want to be as at £100 a week or whatever it is for the number of weeks you aren't there will be expensive!!

    But email them and ask...the accom office sholud be able to help
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    i've emailed them twice about it on that email address but had no replies!
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    No I haven't got my accommodation stuff yet. On their website it says late spring, so I think they should arrive middle-end of may (considering they do have another week to give out offers).

    If you want to email them its [email protected] or [email protected]
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    Just to let you know, I have just received my info/accom pack!

    I think we have to live at College Close in our first year. It seems they may have changed the contracts around, so College Close is now not a fixed term contract


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