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TV license for communal area

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    In my flat of 5 none of us watch tv and none of us have a license. we each told them that we don't need a license but still keep on getting letters about the kitchen, which has a tv that we don't use. we've just got the general letter about what to expect in court bla bla bla, but how can you tell them you don't need a tv for the communal area because apparently the same person can't do a no tv claim twice?
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    You can either reply to them, simply stating that none of you watch it, and then forget about it. Or, you can just ignore the letters, there's nothing they could do anyway.

    From a legal perspective, if none of you watch TV on it, then you don't need a license, so don't let them try and bully you into getting one.
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    You do need a TV license if you stream TV programs on your laptop....

    If you are all on one AST, only one TV license should be enough. Best to phone up and talk to them. I'd also do it if you feel you really don't need one.


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Updated: May 1, 2012
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