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Tall girls - Heels or flats when clubbing?

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    I'm 5'10' and usually wear heels but then I end up towering over my dad who's 6ft (but he may be shrinking XD). It's either that or wearing flats, having clown feet and not having the same effect on the butt + legs like the heels :/
    I feel like everyone gets intimidated by me and most guys avoid me I think because of this - it's very rare when I find a guy that's taller than me

    So I've been trying to find some kitten heels, but need some shop suggestions maybe?

    And what does everyone else think? What do you wear heels or flats?
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    Personally, I can't wear heels at all, various injuries have shot my ankles to pieces.

    Wear them if you like; 5'10" isn't that tall that short heels will cause any problems.
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    general consensus is that kitten heels are ugly... I'd stay away.
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    Kitten heels are not ugly. I have a really cute pair of red heel-boots with a small heel from New Look - you should try there, their shoes are pretty decent.

    I don't like to wear really tall heels when I go out. First reason is obviously comfort. I can't dance a whole night in 5 inch heels. No way! Second reason is because I'd feel like a giant, so I'd be very self-conscious.

    Definitely go for kitten heels! You just need to find young, nice ones, not the ones Michelle Obama wears *shudder*
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    i have the same problem, but bc of the stigma around kitten heels and the fact tht i dnt like them much i stick to mid heels say between 5 and 7 cm or something like that and convince my friends to wear stupidly high heels so it all evens out (more or less), plus mid heels help the whole clown feet thing which im well aware of having size 10 feet
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    short heels
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    I usually just go for heels and think, screw it. Might scare off some smaller guys but to be honest, I like them tall anyway and a few extra inches of intimidation can come in handy sometimes.
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    I'm 5ft10, too. I tend to wear heels but I only buy shorter ones which are about 3 inches, maybe 4. I usually find mine at New Look and I have a lovely pair from Wallis. I don't think I've ever worn flats but a smart pair will look nice with the right outfit! I know what you mean about towering over people... it's not the best feeling for me! But i'm usually out with my best friend who is also 5ft10 and she always wears heels (5in+) so I don't feel as self-conscious!
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    Normally heels, i dont care whether i tower over people or not.
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    I'm 5"6-5"7, so not ridiculously tall, but if I'm going out with my best friend who's 5"2 I'm more likely to wear flats so there's not a huge difference between our heights, but if I go out with my other group of friends who are all similar heights to me I tend to wear heels.
    Wear whichever you want to wear; whatever makes you feel confident! New Look have a good range of heels - they may have some nice kitten heels or smaller heels
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    I always go clubbing in heels but carry a pair of soft flat shoes to slip on when my feet begin to hurt.

    I'm 6'1"
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    I have the opposite problem. I'd love to go out in flats because to be honest i can't handle more than one night a week wearing super high heels (were talking 5 or 6inches high! and considering iv got pretty small size 4 feet, they're practically vertical!) so after about 6 hours in them im nackered and usually the next day theyre kinda sore. I'll hack it once a week at uni though, but i think id like to go out more often than that especially during freshers and want to be able to get away with smaller heels (but i do agree kitten heels are ugly) or just flats! I feel like a midget then though at just 5'3 .

    Any other short people that go out in flats? I start uni in sept and i dont want to be alone doing this! haha.
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    (Original post by secret_smile)
    I always go clubbing in heels but carry a pair of soft flat shoes to slip on when my feet begin to hurt.

    I'm 6'1"
    this is a good idea! what kind of bags do you take out with you? im presuming they're big enough to fit high heels in them! ..aswell as money, id, phone etc.
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    I find most tall girls ugly.
    It's not the tallness that makes them ugly, that could actually be attractive but 90% of tall girls I see everyday are either plain or below average.
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    Some of the most prettiest girls I've seen are over 6ft with heels. Yeah you probably wouldnt get many guys approaching you since you would be taller than them but you'll look awesome (well as long as you have a cool sense of style)
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    I'm 5'8 so not as tall as you, but I often go out in heels and end up being about 6'1. It depends on where we're going, and what company I'm with. I usually just ask if other people are going to be in heels or flats and do the same. Or wear flats if I'm with boys, as they generally insist on walking to and from town.

    And I've never had an issue with guys being intimidated. Occasionally someone will comment that I'm tall, but I always assume it's a compliment. If a guy's avoiding you because you're too tall then I wouldn't bother with him anyway. In fact my boyfriend is about 5'10 and wasn't at all bothered that I was taller than him - it's their problem not yours. Just wear whatever shoes you feel like.


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