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Will you buy Windows 8?

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    (Original post by thomaskurian89)
    I guess I should've asked "Will you upgrade to Windows 8?" instead.

    (Original post by maturestudy)
    Actually it is UEFI. There's a big difference as EFI is a monopoly owned technology, whereas UEFI is developed by a consortium, and critically, EFI does not contain the much debated Secure Boot technology. Ironically, if it was EFI we wouldn't be having this discussion. As none of the rest of that paragraph seems to relate to my post I'm not sure what point you're trying to make, though.
    EFI and UEFI are the same tech so it's not really that important what the acronym used is.

    (Original post by maturestudy)
    I don't think I actually said they were attempting to stop users from installing foreign OSes,
    Not quite, you said:

    Microsoft is using its monopoly status to ensure OEMs include the Microsoft keys in their firmware, which smaller Linux vendors would not be able to do.
    On which my point still stands. Linux would still be able to do this, albeit they probably wouldn't obey the licensing. So basically the same situation as with MP3 and CSS and all the rest. For Linux users it's just another hurdle, for consumers it's an irrelevant quirk.

    (Original post by maturestudy)
    Okay, now your just plain confused. Firstly, I have no worst nightmare when it comes to computers - don't worry I sleep pretty well I have nothing emotionally invested in whether this goes ahead or not, but as someone with 20+ years experience I do take an interest in these matters.

    I never said that Linux developers would need certification for anything. As for statements like Linux is "dragging it's heels resisting necessary change", "No sane average consumer would want to install it" and has been "priced out of the market", I really don't know how to respond other than maybe with a sympathetic shrug - I don't really engage with baseless opinion on internet forums.
    Perhaps my idea of computing differs from yours. Computing for me concerns everything from my phone to the server rack at work. There is still a sub-section of Linux devs with the feverent belief that some day they might have some kind of standing in the consumer market, seemingly blind to the fact that for most users the OS doesn't even exist -- there is a device and an interface, that's all.

    From the tone of your posts it seems to me this is something you might lose - perhaps not sleep but maybe a few minutes' worth of blinking - over. I would say it's Linux's responsibility to deal with issues of Secure Boot and hardware restrictions if it wants to remain in the consumer market, and it shouldn't be the responsibility of Microsoft to ensure the hardware they use is "open".

    I will be. The ability to suspend the kernel for hibernation will be f'in awesome on my laptop, which takes forever on W7 due to its 8 gig of RAM.

    Only just upgraded to windows 7 it works fine and does everything I ask of it. Probably will upgrade sometime but not for a little while.

    I will be, and it'll (most likely) be a day one purchase for me, as I am likely to be developing for it, in a large way. I can afford to take the risk, as I'm still at University.

    EDIT: And the fact I have a touch device, which Win 7 fails at. I'd rather have a disjointed experience for touch than no experience at all, and buying a separate device doesn't make sense for me at the moment.

    I really don't like it, Metro doesn't belong on the desktop, it just looks wrong! I've never used a Windows device apart from a laptop, so I don't know how Metro works on a tablet or phone, but I'd imagine it's not too bad, and quite touchscreen friendly. A non-touchscreen laptop though? Why?

    I'm running Vista still at the moment, and despite the stick it might have, I'm perfect content with it. I was perfectly content with XP too actually.

    No doubt I'll end up with 8 at some point, when I get a new laptop in the future and it's already on it, but I wouldn't intentionally get it.

    No! Burn it with fire before it spawns eggs!

    No, I think Windows 8 is too touch-interface driven - it offers very little new functionality for someone without a touch capable computer or tablet.

    I used the Windows 8 beta for a while and it was awful. Shocking operating system, I would keep Windows 7 if I was still stuck in the 90s and actually used Windows as my main operating system.


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