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Higher English Last Question

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    Since the SQA never released much material on the new last question which is comparing ideas and commenting on the attitudes of the writer, I am curious if people are confident at doing these questions and if there is a book including this new question?

    No clue. :L

    Apparently it will be five marks and just ask you to comment on which passage you find most effective, including relevant quotes to back your points.

    the question this year is to do with how the two writers disagree on the same issues. SQA have stated this quite clearly on their website and told teachers this at meetings.


    I don't find the question all that hard to be honest (I'll be surprised if I even get to it since I always run out of time). All you really have to do is comment on what the passages both agree/disagree on, back your comment up with evidence and show differences of the tone/style used within each passage. :grin:

    I am, surprisingly I somehow managed to get 4/5 on my prelim, it being the first time I've ever seen a typical question. We never received any guidance on how to answer it so I just had a bash at some bullet points and it seemed to work

    There is a revised close reasding study book which covers the new question. I dont know the name but you can get it from Waterstones. However it is a lot easier compared with other years. You do not need to show preferance for one passage, you can write in bullet points and as long as you have at least three points that you have covered with quotes and evaluation you can easily score four or five marks

    When I answered this in the prelim I identified 2 areas where they agreed and 2 where they disagreed (The question asked for both), then set up quotes from each passage like "Quote Passage 1" vs "Quote passage 2"; Therefore the articles agree/disagree on the area of _________
    Got 5 marks for it, much simpler than the old question!!


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Updated: May 3, 2012
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