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Does perfect happiness exist in this world?

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    If we agree on the definition of happiness, then we can move from there.

    To me, happiness is a state of mind. Like all states of mind, it is subject to various causes and certain conditions. We could also argue that it is merely a reduction of unhappiness. As one increases the other decreases. To experience perfect happiness would mean that unhappiness would have to cease or be caused to cease.

    Can someone cause a certain state of mind to arise spontaneously? Can someone cause a state of mind to abide permanently?
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    Buddha is a really happy and Buddhists are really content, calm, blissful and have eternal happiness.

    I personally would like to find the time and practice more meditation. Lately, I was really overwhelmed with so many ongoing problems that know I just want to get some time for a mindfulness time.
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    Have you ever watched Amelie?
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    (Original post by Rainingshame)
    if you've ever relived yourself at holding for an hour you've experienced it. All you can think about it how great it feels to finally rid the burden. However it is rather short lived.
    This statement could be deeper than you think. Only by enduring through the many trials and tribulations of life (such as having an incredibly full bladder) can we really appreciate and enjoy true happiness (such as peeing). Very wise indeed
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    For the individual perhaps, but not for 'people' collectively
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    True happiness is a realized state. One would not be subject to increase or decrease of that state. Other types of unhappy states would not sully that state of mind. Normal every day happiness that we experience is not true happiness but rather reductions of unhappy states and we feel better than what we did.
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    This world is your own personal world.
    Worlds are experienced by subject minds. If the subject mind is pure, the world it experiences is pure. Even if there are bad things going on around the person, that persons own state protects them.
    A depressed person experiences unhappy states, a dark world.
    A content person experiences a happier world.
    We all seem to experience the same world, but we do not.
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    (Original post by burning-ape)
    I think the closest we can get to anything like "true" happiness happens when we get much, much older. If you can look back on your life and have no regrets whilst being fully content, comfortable with who you are and who you're spending your time with, I believe that's true happiness. Until we realise what really matters in the world, then you're always going to be striving to improve and achieve something that may not even be real in search of someone else's idea of happiness.
    PC claptrap.

    Happiness is subjective, not your prescriptive beliefs of life.
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    No because humans always desire more than they have.
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    (Original post by hamadaxan)
    PC claptrap.

    Happiness is subjective, not your prescriptive beliefs of life.
    Last I checked, we were both entitled to our own opinions. I'm sorry if that's changed.

    I'm only 19 but so far that's what I think about happiness. If you want to challenge it then be my guest, I enjoy hearing what other people have to say - but I'd rather talk to someone less dismissive.


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Updated: May 14, 2012
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