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Another racist women on the tube.

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    I hate racist people like this.

    People need to stand up to these people. I mean the guy filming this came back from a funeral and was subject to abuse like this!

    Neg me all you want for posting this. But I will not stand for racism.

    Harassment is a criminal offence (Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994).
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    That's an old video.

    Meh, it doesn't really bother me either way. I know I'll end up more successful than her, so I'm happy.
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    That's old man. Months on, it was in the news yesterday that she pleaded guilty in court for racially abusing other passengers.
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    What is it about public transport that gets racists so worked up? :hmmm:

    I thought the Pakistani guy on the left was doing a brilliant job by pissing her off, that's the way these situations should be handled, act like you don't care and make the bigots look stupid.
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    You are about 5 months late...
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    Like the previous people have mentioned, that clip is very old. Everyone's seen it :lol:
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    The 'racist' label is used too frequently. Racism isn't telling someone to go back home, racism is a complete belief system of racial superiority.

    She (whilst blindly drunk) seemed to be against immigrants in general, rather than being specifically racist towards a particular race, or espousing racial supremacy ideology.

    I think we can class her as a bigot/xenophobe rather than an actual racist.
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    I didn't watch past 2 minutes because it was boring, and from what I saw she wasn't being racial abusive.
    Anyway, if racism is prejudice plus power, she wasn't being racist, because she was the only white person on the tube.
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    LOL she's already been to court and sentenced, thats how old this news is :rofl:
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    The internet is filled with thousands of videos of people being racist ****s. That doesn't make them newsworthy or current affairs.
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