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What type of English GCSE mark am I on.

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    Im a mature student doing English GCSE (AQA) at night class and I have been given these results for my controled assesments.

    "Day that changed my Life" 11 / 15
    "Door slammed shut" 9 / 15
    Combined spelling 7 / 15

    Romeo & Juliet 10 / 15
    Poetry 8 / 15
    Short Story 10 / 15

    Total 55 / 90

    Presentation 13 / 15
    Discuss & Listening 10 / 15
    Roleplay 9 / 15

    Total 32 / 45

    grand total 87 / 135

    But I have no idea what type of grade this is heading towards... Any one have any ideas?


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    Based on the grade boundaries for June 2011, your marks would equate as follows:

    Unit 2 (Speaking and Listening - the mark out of 45) - B
    Unit 3 (Understanding and Producing Creative Texts - the mark out of 90) - C.

    So if you can achieve around the same level in your examination unit, you should be heading for around a C, I would estimate.
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    Thanks out of curiosity where did you get the figures from ?
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    How do you do Romeo and Juliet, Poetry and a short story? This is only Unit 3)a, which requires an exploration of one task. It is out of 30, rather than 15.

    Also, you have yet to do the Unit 3)c which is the Spoken Language Study; this is out of 20.

    The individual creative writing marks are out of 10 to give a total of 30; a mark of 11 is impossible.


    Unit 3)a: ?
    Unit 3)b: ?
    Unit 3)c: ?

    Ah, I see. You're doing English GCSE, rather than English Language GCSE. So sorry - I'm not sure about how that GCSE works, I'm afraid

    Good luck anyway!


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Updated: May 5, 2012
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