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Japanese culture is driven by honour, respect and humility and Western culture by....

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    Notions of honour aren't upheld in this country any more, but does in the US and some Eastern European countries. The West is not homogeneous.
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    humility and respect? lol takeshi's castles. lol tentacle rape. lol vending machines that sell used schoolgirl panties. lol hentai.

    There are plenty who don't and plenty who do have those qualities you mentioned but then the same applies here in the west.
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    Japan or west or anywhere else is the same.
    It is sex,war and alcohol.
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    Japan, like everywhere else, isn't a utopian paradise.
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    Hnmm... Western society gave the world freedom, and has contributed the most of all cultures in human history.
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    (Original post by prog2djent)
    Oh FFS, racist? Did you just have throw out that (ever-weakening) label?

    You feel like I'm "mocking" Asperge's Syndrome? A common trait of people on TSR, and two of my friends, is that they are fixated on an argument and make incoherent juxta-positions, contradict themselves and make seemingly pointless threads, or talk about pointless things, say one thing, obsess over it and then completely go the other way. Which, IMO, is what you do. Learn the difference between pointing something out, or suggesting, quizzing something, and mocking. Back to the racist comment, I am pointing out what I have observed, I am pointing out an intolerance of certain groups, many black Christian Africans and N.African Muslims are extremely homophobic and anti-white, the Afro Central American nations are some of the most racist and homophobic places on earth, gay people are killed in Jamaica.

    I don’t tolerate the intolerant, but you have cottoned on to the leftist-progressive idea that we c if you criticise a minority for being intolerant, then you are a racist, or something, it’s a weak argument, and it’s a tactic to discredit debate, childish.
    Like where you just accused me of being a BNP supporter and then suggested I have left wing views? Talk about contradicting what you say.
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    Protectionism mixed with tradition is Left-Authoritarianism, MTR.
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    Don't forget the sexist and xenophobia that is engrained in Japanese culture.
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    (Original post by MTR_10)
    If the Japanese model for culture is centred on respect, honour and humility then what is the Western equivalent? What principles are our way of life based on?
    Freedom, ambition, and personal responsibility.
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    (Original post by MTR_10)
    The current crisis we have in the West calls for a widespread assessment of the Western lifestyle and our attitudes towards culture, what we stand for and the direction we are moving in. Yes, I am asking a lot of questions (and criticising it in the process) about the West at present. Question's which people prefer to dismiss through patronising judgements and derogatory comments. Trust me though, that is not purely to 'discredit' the West for the sake of it. I want it to change for the better and to find ways of contributing to it's change. To quote Gandhi 'be the change you want to see in the world'. If we can create this change by looking at what works well in other cultures, then I don't see the harm this can do
    Firstly, the main problems in the west are a result of the economic policies of most Western governments and Japan has had similar economic problems to us (it has its own "lost decade") so those problems apparently have little to do with Western culture.

    Crime varies greatly from country to country in the West, and even from state to state in the USA. Western culture is not to blame for crime; it is the combination of bad social policies with the culture of certain countries which results in crime.

    The problem of an aging population does affect most Western nations but it affects Japan to an even greater extent.

    What problem is it that you are hoping to resolve by looking to Japan?

    How do I contradict ideology? Yes I think the west should restore religious foundations (not neccessarily solely christian by the way). I believe religious guidance is essential for society. Why is this such a bad thing? Also, the West at present has become very un-Christian so I don't see how that is a contradiction. Many of the problems today are as a result of the destruction of cultural foundations.
    But whether or not the West, or anywhere else, should remain Christian depends first and foremost on whether or not that religion is actually true. If it isn't, but we need religious guidance for some reason, then it would be make more sense to create a new, better religion in its place.
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    Japan counts as part of western civilisation.
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    In the "West" (not that such a term really exists as a concrete expression imo) I would say....well its hard to say isn't it?

    How about "the ability to admit our mistakes and move on" is a good, and under rated, element in Britain's character.
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    As a westerner living in Japan, I can say with some confidence that you have a horribly distorted view of what Japanese and western culture are like.
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    (Original post by Clip)
    Many of the same problems exist in Japan. There's graffiti, delinquent youths and drunkeness. Maybe there is more in Britain. I can live with that. What I couldn't live with is the idea that women could not travel in Britain without being sexually assaulted. If there were "female-only" carriages on the tube and trains in the UK - we would rightly consider it a scandal and a shame upon our society.

    As for the War - it goes to how recently this was, and is also founded on the residue of these so-called Japanese values.
    Do you have any sources about all those sexual assaults or are you just talking out of your ass? I think you're just full of crap. There's no question that Japanese society is far more civilized than the chav attention whoring culture of the UK.
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    (Original post by JimmiesArentRustle)
    Do you have any sources about all those sexual assaults or are you just talking out of your ass? I think you're just full of crap. There's no question that Japanese society is far more civilized than the chav attention whoring culture of the UK.
    "Constructing sexual risk: `Chikan', collapsing male authority and the emergence of women-only train carriages in Japan"

    Horii & Burgess

    Source: Health, Risk & Society, Volume 14, Number 1, 1 February 2012 , pp. 41-55(15)

    Contains details of face-to-face interviews carried out by researchers from Shumei University, and also from the infamous 2001 survey of high school girls (where 70% reported being assaulted).

    Also, look up the Japanese term "Chikan" which is a loose term for groping women. It's very common in trains, lifts, escalators and for some reason in bicycle parks. Basically, anywhere crowded - which in Japan is just about everywhere.

    Anything else?


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