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IYO: Best Rockstar game within the last decade?

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  • View Poll Results: The best R* game since 2002?
    GTA: Vice City
    GTA: San Andreas
    GTA IV
    The Warriors
    Max Payne 3
    Midnight Club : Los Angeles
    Red Dead Redemption
    L.A Noir

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    Well my favorite rockstar games are Red Dead Redemption and Bully. I haven't played San Andreas in years, but I'm going to buy it off XBOX Live and play it so maybe I'll be able to get a better opinion of that game.
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    GTA SA by a country mile.
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    San Andreas, then Red Dead, then Vice City.

    I only bought Red Dead last week and I cant believe I've slept on this, one of the best games I've ever played.
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    San Andreas for me. Vice City was really really good, but SA just took that even further. I never really got into GTA IV. Red Dead is decent enough for the half hour or so that I watched it being played, but not good enough to be better than SA.
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    I couldn't choose between San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption. Both were amazing adventures.
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    I preferred Vice city to be honest.
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    SA; it still holds up as well.
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    San Andreas being the most popular is inevitable.
    I genuinely can't remember it! The only thing I remember from the game is saving it and riding a bike in the first(?) mission.

    I went for GTA IV because that's the only one I do remember playing properly.
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    I hate how everyone jumps on San Andreas' dick. The game was not that good, just massive. More does not mean better, whereas you have games like Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 that have obviously have such massive attention to detail in every single aspect of the game that, to be honest, it is ridiculous that they could pull it off.
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    Hah, yeah I loved Canis Canim Edit, it's ****ing GTA in a school!

    I really liked Red Dead too, was really upset at the end HAH

    Midnight Club 3 was fun! I hadn't played LA
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    GTA: Vice City

    Absolutely adored the game. Such a brilliant game limited only by current technology and how far gaming had progressed game-engine-wise.

    GTA: San Andreas

    Had some of the most fun on any game ever here. Its only even slight problem was its lack of identity but that's just because it tried to include so much craziness in one game!

    GTA IV

    Another brilliant game. The first GTA to really nail the narrative feel. The stripped out features were a shame but in the end it was just meant to be a different game. I loved the different direction personally -it's fantastic to see so many different secrets and so much exploration to be done in such a small world.

    Bully Very different than the above; as much as people may call it 'GTA in school'. It was really fun; and even little mini-games like classes were fun rather than tedious. Was cool to somewhat experience American High School (even if it was in an extremely exaggerated way).

    Red Dead Redemption Combined the brilliant narrative of IV with the extensive exploration in SA. Everything in the game felt so alive - amazingly immersive

    L.A Noir Least favourite of all these but still a great game. Little repetitive.

    Picked San Andreas but having second thoughts. Not sure, I loved SA/IV/RDR fairly equally so it's hard to decide.
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    San Andreas all the way!
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    You missed off RS Table Tennis!! :gasp:

    To answer the question though, honestly can't pick. I loved SA and also Bully! Loved L.A Noire but not as much as those two. I have RDR at home somewhere waiting to be played. Should probably start that...
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    San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption. It's a shame it paled out towards the end but for a while I felt I was in a proper cowboy film.

    I can imagine Max Payne 3 being the next big one from Rockstar.
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    It's definately a toss up between Vice City and San Andreas.


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