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Your first animated film/memories/first time in the cinema/favourite childhood films

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    I know these threads are common, but I'm just interested. Here you can post your favourite animated films from your childhood, your first memories of films, your first time in the cinema and films you liked as a child and still do to this day.

    One of my favourite animated films of my childhood was Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Back when I was 5, it's all about the 'horsies'. But now I'm 15 you can really see the beauty of it and understand things better. I like it even more than I did as a 5 year old. It's a shame that this is one of DreamWork's best yet it's underrated and their films about farting ogres are more popular. Guess no one cares for films made with love and effort about friendship, freedom and bravery.

    Spirited Away is also another favourite. I watched it when I was 8. I've seen it countless times yet I never get bored of it. It's just so well made. Also loved the other Ghibli classics like Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle.

    The first film I ever saw in the cinema was Toy Story. At first I was unhappy because I thought we were catching yet another plane on my dad's business trip. But when I discovered it was a film I was happy.

    So go on. Share your memories and your childhood. And don't be embarrassed to admit what you watched and what you still like. I won't judge. We've all get guilty pleasures in films.

    Its been such a long time, but I still have vague memories of this film despite it not being so well-known:

    released in 1999 apparently

    The Lion King
    Toy Story
    A Bug's Life


    Peter Pan! that was the first movie we saw when we just got our first dvd player, i can still remember getting into my mum's bed with my brother after breakfast to watch it. I thought it was amazing!
    I really liked and still like Tom and Jerry and Rugrats too i used to watch hours of them when i was sick.
    First time in the cinema was in 2009... when i saw the Cinderella animation, it was awful . Favourite movie i've seen in the cinema is Rio! That said, worst movie i've seen in the cinema is Moneyball last christmas:yawn: .. never again.

    Not a film but

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    They did have a Christmas film which i may or may not have watched :ninjagirl:

    I still remember watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland when I was younger. That was such a cool film, so psychedelic.

    Princess Mononoke was another film I remember watching.

    When I was a kid I ****ing loved this...

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    I remember lying down on the floor in the Arndale centre crying my eyes out to have this on VHS. I eventually got it and watched it like 500+ times.

    My first time EVER at the cinema. 6 years old when this came out.


    I cry every time I watch the first Pokemon movie.

    i went to see anastasia for my first time ever at the cinema, still one of my favourite films!

    My first trip to the cinema was when I was five to see The Lion King in 1994, blew my mind!

    This, however, remains my favourite childhood film and still has the power to reduce me to a blubbering mess.


    The post above me - Land Before Time. Brings back my childhood on so many levels haha


    (Original post by fnm)
    The most touching film I've every watched :congrats:

    Wow, this is taking it back...when I was a nipper I used to love ~

    - Toy Story (who didn't ?)
    - Pinocchio
    - The Lion King
    - My absolute favourite - The Fox and the Hound. Seriously, I used to more or less watch this every day, without fail.
    - Foghorn Leghorn - I say I say I say !

    Watership Down. I'm more freaked out it now then I was when I was 5.

    (Original post by ForeverOptimistic)
    My first time EVER at the cinema. 6 years old when this came out.

    So cool :cool:
    I got an ~official~ Space Jam basketball for my birthday that year.

    I think my first film (which I got a UGC certificate for) was the Lion King.
    My favourite, which for a while I based my career plans on, was Cats The Musical... :P

    These are the videos my brother and I wore out when we were little:

    Disney ones...
    The Lion King :grin:
    Robin Hood
    Sword in the Stone
    The Fox and the Hound
    Peter Pan

    The non-disney one we loved was called An American Tail and it was about Fievel the mouse!

    I can't remember my first film at the cinema but these are the memorable ones from my childhood...

    Mulan - I always remember this because I ate too much and threw up on the way out :sad:.

    LOTR - I was only 9-11 but I remember seeing all of the films at the cinema.

    Grease - When they re-released this I was on holiday with my family so we saw it after everyone else had already been to the cinema. We had the cinema room to ourselves (apart from one guy on his own). I'd have been about 6.

    Galaxy Quest - How could anyone forget that film?!

    Films I liked as a child and watched repeatedly...

    Home Alone
    Homeward Bound
    Lion King
    Land Before Time films
    I went through a phase of watching Jumanji a lot too.

    I'm sure there are more but I can't remember them right now :p:.

    I think my earliest memory of the cinema is watching Space Jam. I fell asleep during it

    We had a copy of Snow White on VHS that I pretty much wore out

    The first film I remember seeing in the cinema is Pocahontas, which I think was in 95.
    Muppet Treasure Island was my favourite film of my childhood though, and is probably still one of my favourite films!


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