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How to wake up fresh

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    Any tips on feeling alert in the morning? Whenever I get up for school I feel tired and groggy :/
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    Think to yourself you only need 7 hours sleep at night and just say you wont be tired in the morning. It's surprising that it works but if you go to bed won't want to get out.

    An alarm works well too...put it at the end of your room so you have to get out to switch it off.
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    It's more to do with your general health, if you eat well and do a bit more moderate exercise per day, it'll do wonders for your sleep. I always get a good rest if I've been active and not ate crap during the day
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    I get home at 11.15pm most nights after work, so I give myself an hour to "wind down". I have a shower, have a got vimto or something and get in pyjamas and ring my boyfriend for a bit. Then I fall asleep and wake up at 7am feeling amazing.
    A lot of it is practise- just get yourself into a routine
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    Thanks, any more suggestions?
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    Another thing is if you make up in different parts of the sleep cycle you feel better or worse. If you're in a fairly light REM sleep you'll make up fresh but you're in a NREM deep sleep and the alarm wakes you you'll feel groggy and tired.
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    DEFINATELY get off computers just before bed. Too much strain on the eyes. Wind down for 30 minutes doing something without computer screens, whether that's reading or taking a shower or just chilling out.
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    Try and sleep in 90 minute intervals. The average sleep cycle is 90 minutes so waking up at the end of the cycle will allow you to wake up feeling more refreshed than if you had woken up in the middle of a cycle.

    To assist you with this, is a website that calculates when to go to bed based on a waking up time, or when to wake up based on what time you fall asleep.

    Bare in mind when using the above website that it gives you 14 minutes to fall asleep as this is the average time taken for an adult to fall asleep. If you take longer or less, make sure to factor that in to your times.
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    I've been using this and it seems to work so far
    It calculates the best time for you to go to sleep by counting backwards in sleep cycles..
    have a look
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    Subscribing to this thread - always feel like crap in the morning!
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    Don't immediately get out of bed. Stay rested with your eyes closed until your grogginess subsides (this is assuming you are well-rested).
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    Make sure you're well hydrated. Apples are apparently good wake up food but this probably goes for other fruit too.

    If possible have a quick shower in the morning, definately wakes me up.
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    If you have an iphone, download an app called "Sleep Cycle" and use it as your alarm. It wakes you up when you're sleeping lightly, so you wake up feeling really alert.

    I was sceptical but I've actually found it to be really good!
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    double expresso works wonders in perking me up
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Any tips on feeling alert in the morning? Whenever I get up for school I feel tired and groggy :/
    Splash your face with cold water and have a shower in the morning. Also drink a glass of water when you first get up.

    Make sure you go to bed when you get tired at night, but don't force yourself if you aren't. Get up at the same time every morning.
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    (Original post by biffyclyro27)

    Make sure you go to bed when you get tired at night.

    I used to stay awake long after I got tired thinking that I could get more done on the comp or whatever but you just wake up feeling rubbish the next day. Its better to get up early and go to bed sooner imo. A lot of it is to do with will power and getting into a routine.
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    Im awful at waking up, thinking about investing in one of these.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Any tips on feeling alert in the morning? Whenever I get up for school I feel tired and groggy :/
    The obvious solution, and the most effective, and healthy, is to get enough sleep. Feeling groggy in the morning is due to not getting enough sleep...

    If you find it hard to get more sleep then you can try some of the suggestions above...but remember that sleep cycles have an average of 90 mins, it's very hard to try and judge when you are not in a deep sleep. I don't know if that app works.

    But yeh, get more sleep.

    (Original post by Gary Barlow)
    Im awful at waking up, thinking about investing in one of these.
    Opening my curtains helped...but it doesn't really work in the winter
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    Health is the main thing. Drink plenty of water, lay off the alcohol (but you're at school, so...), eat plenty of fruit & veg. Have a routine.

    Also, keep a clean & tidy room. You'll feel so much better waking up to a clean place than a ****hole.... Believe me!
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    Some people have longer sleep cycles than others. No matter how much i try i will always verge to sleep late and wake up late. Weekdays i'll probably chug through with about 4 -5 hours sleep a night then catch up on the weekend. I wake up and feel tired but it wears off by the afternoon and then i can't sleep at night til around 1 - 2am.
    Opposite from the rest of my family. My mum and sister wake at 7 - 8am everyday and are in bed by 10, naturally they can't get their head around why i just dont go to bed earlier.

    Its been getting worse since i moved to uni and have a dark room, which stays dark on the morning, hence why i think that light alarm clock my do the trick.


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