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Girls - what are you wearing to graduation?!

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    I can't decide! Our website says girls should wear a white shirt with black skirt or trousers, or a plain dark or white dress. Don't know whether to be traditional and just go for shirt and skirt, but it always looks a bit office-y to me? Was thinking of these dresses:



    More leaning towards the latter Any advice?!
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    An academic gown and a mortarboard would be more appropriate...
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    I wore a white dress and black belt. Most people wore plain black but with the black gown it all seemed a bit dark especially in the photos. I think white looked much better
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    The latter is adorable! Our graduation is different, we do it in full on formal evening wear
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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    An academic gown and a mortarboard would be more appropriate...
    Well yes, I will be wearing the gown over whatever I choose to wear
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    (Original post by DaitaG)
    The latter is adorable! Our graduation is different, we do it in full on formal evening wear
    Oh really? So like proper evening gowns and things?
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    i think the second one the first one just does not stand out to me
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    I like the 2nd one
    I haven't a clue what I am going to wear. We don't really have a set colour or anything. Maybe something Coast or Karen Millen style.
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    (Original post by pauline_lg)
    Oh really? So like proper evening gowns and things?
    Yup like full on floor length gowns
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    (Original post by DaitaG)
    Yup like full on floor length gowns
    I guess theres regional differences. No one wore floor length at my Graduation it was all cocktail style. I guess youll need to ask around in your own uni group to see what style others are going for
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    Weirdly my university only seems to specify that you might want to wear a buttoned top underneath to make it easier to attach the academic hood without pins.
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    I'm deliberating between either a dress or a blouse (not button up shirt) with a pencil skirt/straight leg trousers.

    Love the second dress btw.
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    A white dress .like an angle
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    My uni specifications are:
    Students are recommended to wear smart clothing beneath robes, either skirts or trousers are acceptable. Clothing with buttons down the front, such as blouses and shirts, are highly recommended to secure the hood which drapes over the shoulders
    I've ordered this skirt. Planning on wearing it with a sheer shirt blouse (possibly this one), with a coloured vest underneath (colour depending on what shoes I wear).

    I haven't tried it all on together though, so that could change...
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    I think we're allowed to wear dresses of any colour under our gowns, so long as it's not short. I'm not sure what I'll go in, but it's an excuse to buy another dress!
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    I would definitely say the latter dress

    I'm thinking of wearing a pretty knee length royal blue, strapless dress. I was wondering if the strapless bit would be an issue, but I figured no one can really see my shoulders anyway once the gown is on! :')
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    The way my revision is going, I'll be lucky to make it as far as graduating this summer!
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    We've been told we have to wear white shirts and a black skirt/ trousers not sure whether this rule is bendable or not.


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