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I'm the exam fairy, I'll grant you whatever grade you want

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Looking for maths C2 answers? Here they are! 05-05-2016
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    Can't wait till my exams are over, seriously stressed out. Just got one more left then I'm free
    And I will be able to spend more time with my family, rather then my head through the computer.
    Best of luck guys, I hope you get what you intend to get or better.

    Seriously need a B and above xD
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    Exam Fairy, please grant me an A*/A in maths, a A/B in core science and a A/B in geography! This is GCSEs by the way
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    I'll give it a shot, so here are the grades that I want to get for my GCSEs, and the √ sign represents that I've already got this grade:

    English Language - A* (√)
    English Literature - A*
    Maths - A/A*
    Biology - A
    Physics - A
    Chemistry - A
    Spanish - A*
    German - A*
    History - A*
    Geography - A
    R.E. - A*
    Citizenship - A*
    Drama - A (√)
    Law - B/A
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    AAA please or AAB
    .....yet I'm sat here watching the Apprentice final. Oops.
    This is my business studies revision.

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    BB in A-Levels
    B in AS
    (: Pweeeezzz <33
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    Just stop this and follow the advice here http://www.squidoo.com/top-ten-tips-to-exam-success. look at the best #1 tip. It's way better than this dead fairy.

    Hope it helps

    I want all A* for all my exams for ever and ever...
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    Please let me get an A in my music resit. Please let me get an A in my music resit. Please let me get an A in my music resit.


    And a distinction in my piano would be nice too but the A comes first D:
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    I would like A*'s in both psychology and geography
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    AAC or ABB :getmecoat:

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my X10i
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    Dear Exam Fairy:

    Please grant me A*s in everything.
    If this is beyond your magical powers I would be content with A*A*AA, I could do with a scholarship or two.
    If you cannot salvage my grades that much, I would be happy with AABB or above.
    Should this be impossible to arrange, give me less than four Bs and prepare me for the wrath of my parents, the scorn of my over-achieving older and younger sisters and the rejection that will come...

    In all good faith,
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    (Original post by M4LLY)
    I would like A*'s in both psychology and geography
    That's exactly where I got my A*s :lol:
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    Can I have an A* in English Language please? I didn't do english language but hey...
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    Thank you, exam fairy - although why couldn't you have given me just 1.2% more in Consumer? :fatcontroller:
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    L1R5 raw grade of 7.
    6 is the perfect grade but i won't set extreme expections on myself. I really wanna get into ASCI, a school that i love. Hope i do get in!
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    I think this is a bit lame but I just go along with it and hopefully my grades will come out as predicted.

    Maths-A* (Really want to get distinction for Maths!!)
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    A* - Maths
    A. - Physics
    A. - Further Mathematics
    B. - Economics
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    (Original post by Sweet-Caroline)
    the scorn of my over-achieving older and younger sisters and the rejection that will come...
    This sucks especially when you have siblings rivalries who all think they are better & smarter than you. Been there before.
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    A* - Geography
    A -Product Design
    B - Biology

    Or A A A


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