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I'm the exam fairy, I'll grant you whatever grade you want

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    A* in Media, Business & Law please!:rolleyes:
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    "Exam Fairy" i wish you were actually REAL...ohhh the JOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY i would get.......!!
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    Oh mighty exam fairy, I would like BBC please, very much. Please?
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    I'm doing my AS year and would love an A in English Lit, A in Sociology, and at least a C in Textiles, pleeeease. AAC would be lovely (though I wouldn't cry if I got BBC either, given how little revision I've done).
    Cheers, exam fairy (;
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    (Original post by STFU)
    PLEASE a A in media A in art A in english lit and lang and a A IN business even though its impossible
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    A straight A student pleasee - *lovelovelove that..
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    Hey exam fairy do we have to leave things under our pillow for you like your colleague the tooth fairy ?
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    (Original post by xOsugaplumfairy)
    Prayer helps.
    Absolute knob. You were a born Christian, thus you believe in your God, the God that your parents brainwashed you to believe in. Of course your God is the true one, right? :yes:

    Yes, I know you were born into Christianity because the chances of the opposite being true are neglegible.
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    A*A*A* S,1.
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    I want an A* in Psychology and Geography
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    Please continue to grant my wishes, fairy.

    You've been my only excuse for the last three years.

    I'd like three firsts, please.
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    I'm a first year, so 40% will do!
    (More than that would be especially nice though )
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    4a's please exam fairy =d
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    A*A*A* please exam fairy
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    3 A's please!!!!
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    THREE As PLEASE EXAM FAIRY <3 Or at least two As and a B... I want to get to Manchester so much...
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    dear exam fairy,

    i'm in much needed help, please grant me a minimum of A*AA in my A2 exams so i can get into my dream university.

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    Beloved Exam Fairy,

    If you would be so kind as to help me get a 1st in tomorrow's Civil War exam, I would be most grateful. Also, if you could make sure that the examiner marking my 5,000 Rage! essay wakes up on the right side of the bed when she marks my essay, that would be great as well. I'm not saying it's a bad mark, but I've slaved away at this essay in the library for too long now to excuse another borderline 2:2/2:1.

    Oh, and I'd love a 2:1 overall.

    If you do this for me, I will make every effort to make sure that translation between fairies and mankind is a smoother one in the years to come.
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    (Original post by Extricated)
    A*A*A* S,1.


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Updated: June 12, 2013
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