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What are your opinions on ear stretchers?

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    Just interested to see what people's opinions of them are
    Thinking about maybe getting a fake one for myself (I do want to be able to wear normal earrings as well at times!)
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    Good for sex.
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    They are gross... I don't see what looks good about having a huge whole in your ear for the rest of your life.
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    I just imagine how stupid they'll look with these horrendous drooping ears in a few decades time...
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    Why do people do things like that to themselves. They are not attractive and if you don't wear them then you end up with weird ears Makes me cringe when I see them...
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    Once you go black... you go deaf
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    They look ****ing awesome until about 10mm, then they start to look a bit naff and the hole is noticeable when you remove them.

    But you shouldnt do it for other people's opinions - you should do it cause you like it.
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    They're disgusting.

    But that's just me.
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    they look alright. Dont really care tbh
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    Pretty disgusting. Kind of puts me off the person too, as they are a massive trend follower.
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    Not a fan. Surely they won't like their baggy ear hole as much when they're old and grey? I mean, I'm sure you could get reconstructive surgery, but it all just seems a bit silly.
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    No. Do not want. Do not like.

    Would not go out with a girl with one.
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    I have one- it's a 6mm, and I disagree that they look disgusting! They look different to normal earrings, especially if you get patterned plugs, and can be used as a brilliant, individual accessory. They go back to normal sized piercings as well, if you don't go over 8mm, so they certainly don't disfigure you for life. As with most fake alternatives, I think fake plugs are a bit of a waste of time- if you think they look cool, then you should do it properly. However, using a fake one for a while to make sure you like the style is a good idea. Als- i would recommend buying a set of plastic stretchers off ebay rather than a tattooist becaus ethey can be expensive. Hope that helps!
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    Fake ones look ridiculous most the time tbh. Usually it's pretty obvious...especially fake tapers. Although it's still far better than rushing into it and stretching too fast!

    I do like stretched ears, as long as they've been done properly and the lobe is healthy and not about to split in half like half the people I see offline. Ew. I've been stretching for about 7 years or so and have been at 1/2" for about 5 or 6 years (and I hope/assume I will stay there for a lot longer, considering it's highly unlikely they'll fully close now!).
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    Hate it, really off putting
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    Every time I see them I can't stop myself imagining the havoc I could create by putting a padlock through the hole and locking it....
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    I think they look ridiculous.
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    I like them, I want to do it myself but only up to 6mm or so. They will go back to normal unless you stretch them beyond a certain point so no need to worry about saggy ears when you're old.
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    I get a strange urge to put my finger through it when I see them :afraid:
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    Don't ask people on TSR lol. I have a 12m and i like it! Plus the hole does go back when you take it out haha.


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Updated: May 19, 2012
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