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can someone tell me if this plan is any good?

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    Im a girl looking to tone up and lose a bit of fat

    The plan is to go to the gym 3 times a week and spend 20mins on the bike and then use the strengethening machines- back, bench press, abdominal, biceps/triceps etc. No free weights though.

    Im also planning to go swimming 1-2 times a week.

    As well as doing a bit of yoga/pilates.

    If i eat healthily does this plan sound plausible to strengthen up? Do i need to do something more? How long until i see results?

    sorry im a fitness noob

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    No, use free weights and have a plan to use them-as in which exercise, what weight, how many sets/reps

    Learn more about nutrition than 'eat healthily'. You'll need to be eating the right amount of calories. That might be maintenance, might be above, might be below- depends on what your body is like now
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    Don't touch the machines, do free weights and either separate your cardio from your weights or do them afterwards - no more than 5-10mins to warmup before weights. And the above.
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    You probably won't use free weights do what you're doing but add in leg press heavy as you can go for 3 sets of 8 reps and try increasing the weight regularly.... also hold some dumbbells and do lunges...3x10 on each leg and once again as heavy as possible and try increasing weights.

    This should actually work quite well...also on the running machine add in some random fast sprints.

    Good luck
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    (Original post by McHumpy92)
    also hold some dumbbells and do lunges...3x10 on each leg and once again as heavy as possible and try increasing weights.
    A common problem with DB lunges for beginners, especially women, is their hands are the limiting factor especially when higher rep- solution is bar on your back otherwise it's fairly pointless for someone not strength training to work grip
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    Dumbbells will be like 5kg to begin with...I'm sure she will cope.
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    (Original post by McHumpy92)
    Dumbbells will be like 5kg to begin with...I'm sure she will cope.
    What's the point is lunging 10kg 3x10? You are doing it as cardio with that light so doing 3x10 makes no sense. By the time you get to a weight that works the legs, which is the point of a lunge, then you are talking weights which she may struggle to hold for long enough
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    What do you lunge with then?
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    (Original post by McHumpy92)
    What do you lunge with then?
    A bar on your back? I did say that
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    (Original post by BKS)
    A bar on your back? I did say that
    In terms of weight.
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    (Original post by McHumpy92)
    In terms of weight.
    I don't think there's a set rate for anything but a case of starting then working up to something decent. For a complete beginner I'd say start with an empty bar so 20kg. I'd expect them to be able to add weight to 20kg no problem even if it isn't a lot more.
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    If she goes deep and does a good step forward the 5kg dumbbells will be heavy enough to begin with...I really can't see her going much over 10kg in the future for that rep range and if she does them as I described.

    IMO lunges aren't that easy and I've never seen anyone go that heavy with them.


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Updated: May 4, 2012
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