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University of Birmingham- do they accept for LLB Law through adjustment?

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    Currently in my third year of A-levels as I had to re-sit after getting ACC. When I asked Uni of Bham if they would consider me (as a re-sit student) for LLB Law, they said no as they didn't believe I could achieve AAA. I am now on course for achieving A*A*A and although I have firmed Leicester, I still would like to try and get into Birmingham through adjustment.
    Any help and info on would be much appreciated
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    Honestly, I think you'll be lucky if they do. Most law schools don't do much through adjustment, and I know that B'ham had no places for law for clearing for the last two years and weren't giving any latitude to people who just missed their offers last year. If I recall rightly, sub-400 people were successful through adjustment in 2011, which is not good odds.

    I'd call them and ask - the deadline for offers isn't quite technically closed. Good luck!
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    Well, I'm pretty sure Birmingham (along with a few good Russell Group + 1994 Group universities) are in clearing for law. So whilst it may be hard, it might be possible.
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    So you both think I should contact B'ham directly before results and adjustment/clearing opens rather than wait until then? Thank you for your help.


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Updated: May 6, 2012
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