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Issue with my weight

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    Hi guys;

    Lately I have been having issues with my weight because I don't seem to gain any weight and remain at a constant 9 stone, 8 pounds.
    Current height is 5'7. Though, I keep getting the feeling I am overweight and need to lose a little weight. Any tips on weight loss?

    Whats your waist size mate ? Thats a better indication of whether your overweight
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    Waist is 31inches.

    Thats a normal weight :3 nothing to worry about :3
    but i get what you mean with feeling over weight. I find that this feeling of over weight when your not comes from eating habbits so if you snack alot as an example, reduce it and it should change your mind set

    But if you want to lose weight I found that i had to both change my diet and exercise (even if its just walking everywhere). This is pretty much what I did with some just dance in there :P and I lost about 2 stone.


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Updated: May 4, 2012
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