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Whites only: Your views on asians

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  • View Poll Results: Whites only: Your views on British Asians
    Yes, British born asians are a part of/equal to us
    No, we still view them as outsiders or 'other' people.

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    (Original post by R4INBOW)
    I'm black. Am I allowed to post?
    A white Asian?

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    (Original post by lulubel)
    The British Crime Survey reveals that 87,000 people from black or minority ethnic communities said they had been a victim of a racially motivated crime.

    They had suffered 49,000 violent attacks, with 4,000 being wounded.

    At the same time 92,000 white people said they had also fallen victim of a racially motivated crime.

    The number of violent attacks against whites reached 77,000, while the number of white people who reported being wounded was five times the number of black and minority ethnic victims at 20,000.

    Most of the offenders (57%) in the racially motivated crimes identified in the British Crime Survey are not white. White victims said 82% of offenders were not white.[16]

    so, 57% of racially motivated crime is coming from roughly 15% of the population.

    all this talk of '% more likely' is rubbish. if 2 aliens went on a crime spree in a city of a million people, and one of those 2 aliens ended up becoming the victim of a crime, you would say they were 1000X more likely to become the victim of a crime. or something along those lines -- but that does not negate their disproportionate crime rates.

    the facts, are, the majority of violence is committed against whites. and a large percentage of those crimes are being committed by asians. asian community has to stop the denials. the white community are have done a lot to stamp out its racist violent gangs.

    other groups are doing nothing.

    The data says white people are less likely to be victims if you look at this proportionally, much if this could be one minority group on another.

    Most white victims said the perpetrators of racist crime were not white, no ****ing **** Shirley.
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    (Original post by BobbyBurke)
    A white Asian?

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    I define them english if they act like someone from the uk, for example if they walk around in a sari and go to the mosque i dont class them as british. I still have a lot of respect for them and think their culture is beautiful but its not british.
    Being british is to do with culture, not your skin colour.
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    Reminds me of my general studies exam
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    I think they should make a society for British Asians.... I'm Indian and I'm considered an immigrant here despite the fact I was born here, and a foreigner back in India.
    Its a lose lose situation really.

    And it's also annoying how people fail to understand that. I'm sure theres lots of people in the same position as me so don't hate.
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    My gf is from Asia, but is light skinned, so I always tease her by calling her white. It's hilarious.
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    (Original post by RyanT)
    Using the word Asians is unfair, the Chinese/East Asians are nothing like the south Asians.

    East Asians are fairly well integrated and it is fair to call them equals.

    South Asians that go to the mosque? No, that's not British behaviour so they're still immigrants regardless of where they're born.
    Out of curiosity....I'm south asian, but I go temple....does that still make me an immigrant in your eyes since I'm of south asian origin, or can I be considered British since I don't go mosque?
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    (Original post by Casius)
    Out of curiosity....I'm south asian, but I go temple....does that still make me an immigrant in your eyes since I'm of south asian origin, or can I be considered British since I don't go mosque?
    Just ignore RyanT. He doesn't see the irony of his post when he goes on about "integration" This country is built on democracy, which allows freedom of religion. If RyanT wants to deny people that freedom, then it is RyanT that has not integrated, instead of the people who wish to practise their religion in say a mosque, temple etc...
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    An interesting and unusual question, the answer to are they inferior to me is no, why would anyone be inferior or superior to anyone else, just on the basis of their genetic ethnic make up.

    With regards to how do i view asians, i have met some lovely Asians over the years, really sound people, of Indian and Pakistani decent, who i have become friends with, and i really like. However, if i am honest, i am not sure as a whole about Pakistani/ Bangla Deshi's as a group, as the people i have known are all modern thinking, integrated people, working in regular jobs etc, and i know when you go around some parts of our large cities, that there are 1000s of people of Pakistani and Bangla Deshi decent, or actually from that country, that probably share more in common with those countries then we me, and this country, and i suspect that is probably the dominant view amongst most white people.
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    Well, after reading all the posts I guess about 75% of tsr people view british born asians as part of/equal to rather than 'foreign' or 'outsiders.'
Updated: July 12, 2012
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