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What would you think of a guy who always wears a suit to Uni...

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    along with a top hat, shirt, tie, briefcase, nicely polished shoes, slick hair, sunglasses & shakes hands with everyone he meets :rolleyes:
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    I'd think that he's one sharp-dressed gent. :yep:
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    Unusual, but whatever floats their boat I guess. Looks don't mean they are weirddddd!
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    There was a guy on my Economics course that used to wear pyjamas and a dressing gown every day.
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    I'd say he's a smooth mother ****er.
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    The top hat and briefcase makes it more comical that OTT formal.

    A friend who studies politics said that some people turned up in suits and it was just overkill.
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    Pretentious and with more money than sense
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    Smart as ****.
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    Sounds a tad unusual to say the least
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    That he's the Monopoly man.
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    non conformist (south park)
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    It depends whether or not he 'deserves' it. If he attended Oxbridge, then I will see it as more acceptable. If he went to London met I would think he is getting far too ahead of himself, he doesn't deserve to learn in style, he should just wear his Nike tracksuit with his JustDoIt bag as it fits the image of London met.
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    I think people should dress reasonably smartly for uni. They're adults.

    However, what is normal is judged by the majority culture. In the case of university dress codes, this is people wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Although you do get various kinds of people wearing all sorts of things at uni and perhaps at most prestigious unis some students do wear suits. So a suit would be a bit different, but not so completely abnormal that others think you're mad.
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    (Original post by Multitalented me)
    along with a tophat, tie, briefcase, nicely polished shoes, slick hair & shakes hands with every single person they meet :rolleyes:
    Which uni do you go to? There was a guy at Leicester who I always used to see wearing a suit and top hat. I think he did maths.
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    i would think he was legen-wait for it-dary.
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    (Original post by JCC-MGS)
    Pretentious and with more money than sense
    Oh, it's you again :rolleyes:

    Stop crying the sympathy card and the green eyed monster is not a good look, dear boy. yah yah.
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    There's a guy in one of my lectures that always wears flared trousers, a shirt, waistcoat, tie, pocket watch and a trilby, and he has long hair. He can pull it off but he must be in his late thirties and has gone more for a Victorian gentleman/hippy look. It would definitely depend if the guy had enough confidence to work it, although I would find a tophat and briefcase a bit of an overkill.
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    (Original post by Manitude)
    A friend who studies politics said that some people turned up in suits and it was just overkill.
    lol. that is sad as ****.


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