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Do you think this is racist? (Ashton Kutcher)

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  • View Poll Results: Do you think this video is racist?

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    Do you find this racist?

    Simple question - poll attached.
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    BBC Article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-17935124
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    Seriously? :sigh:

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    What? No. He's parodying everybody just like Fonejacker/Facejacker does.
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    racist.. ?!?! wtf is wrong with people.. how can this have been banned? completely ridiculous.
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    He was exploiting loads of different stereotypes and I doubt it was intended to be racist. I can see why people might think so but otherwise it's probably just an overeaction from the PC brigade.
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    I love how a celebrity could be considered 'current affairs'.

    You people. :rolleyes:
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    Not one bit.
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    Anyone who thinks this is racist doesn't know the meaning of the word racist.

    Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another, or prejudice purely based on someone's race.

    Racial stereotyping isn't racist, unless it is like saying all black people are criminals (of course they are not) or something of a similar nature.

    Pretending to be a flamboyant Bollywood directo is not racist.
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    No. I don't understand how people are perfectly alright to make fun of Europeans (e.g. Germans, the French, even Eastern Europeans (Best example is in 'Lead Balloon')), but as soon as the person isn't white, it's wrong and off-limits.
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    It drew from stereotypes from a multitude of different cultures all around the world I dont see how its racist
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    Wow, he's just playing different people. Why does it matter if he's a different race?
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    (Original post by Iron Lady)
    I love how a celebrity could be considered 'current affairs'.

    You people. :rolleyes:
    Well it's about a dating website, so I think it fits the category
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    No, just unfunny, which isn't surprising with Ashton Kutcher.
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    No, but it's not funny and his accents are crap.
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    I hate Ashton Kutcher.
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    It can be accused of being extremely unfunny, but racist? No.

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    no it is not, the people complaining are sad and pathetic
    he did not dress only as an indian he dressed up as several other characters
    nobody cried racism at the film white chicks
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Updated: May 4, 2012
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