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Bought my first classic Ford today.

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    Never owned a classic Ford before, so figured it was about time I got one??

    It was built in 1956 and has just 2 former keepers and 37k from new with the original 10hp engine. (That's RAC rating - it makes about 30bhp... maybe...)
    It's pretty tidy in general given it's in unrestored condition. Considering it's age it's in remarkably solid condition and even has the original head lining which is pretty much spot on. The wiper works too which I wasn't expecting?
    It's been fitted with something called "comfy kar covers" to the seats? Underneath the original leather seat covers look to be mint? Although, I've not disturbed them too much?

    Never had anything much older than a late 60's car before, so the journey home was a bit of an experience! Bit of backfiring through the carb and the exhaust but that all stopped once the engine had warmed up a bit.

    No plans to rod it, although it'd certainly be an excelent car to start from? Will probably just have a little play for a couple of months and do a couple of shows for the experience and then have a play with something else.

    What d'ya reccon for a first ford???

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    Good grief I wasn't expecting THAT classic!!! I had something like a Ford Consul GT in my mind (only from watching The Sweeney earlier)!

    Not my bag, but that's certainly unique and hardly anyone else will have one. Where'd you find that? It appears to be in spotless condition.
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    (Original post by fruit_n_veg)
    Good grief I wasn't expecting THAT classic!!! I had something like a Ford Consul GT in my mind (only from watching The Sweeney earlier)!

    Not my bag, but that's certainly unique and hardly anyone else will have one. Where'd you find that? It appears to be in spotless condition.
    Not sure it's really my thing either to be honest?
    It's a 50's car based on 30's technology - ford rushed it into production after WW2 to get some sales on the books.
    It's basically a cheapened down Anglia - for a while it was the cheapest car you could buy new.

    Always fancied having something like an Austin 7 - this came up at the right price so figured we'd try it for a bit and see how we liked it. Chances are I'll have something different in a couple of months anyway! lol!

    Found it in the local ad rag. It's not in bad condition really? Just a bit of grot on the bottom of one of the front wings. Given it's 56 years old and totally unrestored it's actually in pretty good condition. There's plenty of 8 year old cars on the road with more rust than this old girl!!!
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    Nah, mk1 escort all the way. Even so thats a pretty cool little car you got there.
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    I like that a lot. I'm not normally a big fan of classics from mass manufacturers but that's really nice. I'd like something like that to rod but that one looks in such good nick it'd be a shame not to leave it as it is.
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    Wow, that is classic! Not really my thing, but I still like it!
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    Very Nice!
    Keep it as is you can't replace originality. Has it had much welding?
    There's a guy down the road from me who has an early Ford Perfect, which Ive always loved it has covers over the headlights with slits in from the war, very cool.
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    (Original post by AgentSushi)
    Has it had much welding?
    None! not a single patch.
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    I like that, looks great for its age, I wouldn't mod it, keep it original, but with a little restoration where it is needed in my opinion.
    Certainly wasn't expecting that classic when I clicked on the thread!
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    Needs a big block V8.
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    Not bad.... was expecting an Escort MK2 tbh
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    Haha, i genuinely think that is REALLY cool!
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    Obviously you want to keep it for a while, but any idea of its current value? Might be worth around £30,000 (a rough guess seeing as I don't know much about cars)
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    Nicola and I have been talking about the idea of getting a pre war car. We thought it'd be a good idea to get something like this to see if it's the sort of vehicle we could cope with. Not as an every day car, just as a toy really.

    As much as I'm in to classic cars, something this old just isn't suitable for every day use.
    There's no heater for starters. No oil filter - it doesn't even have a water pump!
    It's got 3 gears and realistically 40mph is about all it's got to give. Even the slightest gradient has you reaching for 2nd gear.
    The single wiper is operated off engine inlet vacuum - If your foot is on the throttle it wont work - you have to take your foot off the throttle and then it'll actually do something. So if it's raining, the faster you go the less you actually see!
    Brakes are cable operated and are actually quite effective for the weight of the car.

    Starting the engine with a starting handle is quite a novelty, though?

    In response to the last question, I think they go for about 4 grand at the very most? It's about the cheapest 50's car you can buy in all honesty.
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    Even more reason for a big block V8!


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