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Have you guys ever used Couchsurfing?

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    I was wandering how safe Couchsurfing was, I'm planning to go abroad and I'm trying to keep my costs down. And What are your experiences for the people that have used it? Thanks.
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    (Original post by BruvaFromAnuvaMuva)
    I was wandering how safe Couchsurfing was, I'm planning to go abroad and I'm trying to keep my costs down. And What are your experiences for the people that have used it? Thanks.
    I've been a member for a few months, but never actually used it as i'm at uni right now and haven't done any travelling since joining, but I get the impression that it's a great site and the people that use it seem friendly and seem to travel and meet new people a hell of a lot!
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    I've hosted a few people. To be honest they were short term stays (1-2 nights) so I didn't really get to know them much. I prefer to stay in my own place, so I haven't really tried to hard to get a place with another couchsurfer while travelling
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    I've hosted a few times for stays of between 1 and 7 nights. Always had an enjoyable experience but I was in a country which tends to attract more adventurous travellers. Have never surfed myself.
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    I'm on CouchSurfing since may 2011 but never hosted or surfed because I live with my parents that don't really agree with it... they prefer to pay my hotel nights than stay with strangers when I travel. But I'm totally in love with this concept, I'll travel via CS as soon as I'm independant.
    To answer your question, CouchSurfing is safe, you just got to be careful a little, I meet travelers in my city and I see that they enjoy their experiences!
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    This thread reminds me of Steven Wright's character in Half-Baked. "The guy on the couch".
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    I don't think I would ever trust it. Under the impression I'd wake up in a bath of ice with one kidney.
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    I've used couchsurfing a few times and had positive experiences each time.

    The first time I stayed with a guy and his mum in Borneo, I just stayed one night and they were really nice.

    The second time I stayed with a girl in Manila, who I actually met up with in the first place because I was feeling a bit lonely and scared in Manila and I wasn't very well, and wanted a friendly face! She hadn't had anyone stay before but we got on really well so I ended up staying with her for a few days. I ended up living in the Philippines a while, so every time I had to go to Manila I stayed with her, and I met up with her a year later and still keep in contact.

    I stayed with a guy about the same age as me and all his family in Singapore for a week and had a lot of fun! Although I accidentally made his little brother cry!

    And I stayed with a girl in Venezuela for a few days, and had lots of fun with her

    I haven't ever hosted anyone, I've only ever stayed with people. I would say that it is a safe experience, but as always there is always the slight possibility that it might not work out. Wherever you are going I woudl go prepared, and know where there are some hostels that you could go to just in case. If you decide after meeting your host or going to their house that you don't want to stay there then you're under no obligation, you can leave. Always make sure that someone knows where you are and who you are staying with if you are worried about safety. And you can always ask to meet people for coffee before you decide to stay with them.

    I think couchsurfing is a wonderful way to meet people And it gives you a local's insight into the place you're in, which is hard to get otherwise. I've never had a problem. Oh and it's nice to give a little gift of where you're from, or something like that, to say thanks. Or make them breakfast! Good luck
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    No, give me a hotel any day
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    (Original post by ritchie888)
    I don't think I would ever trust it. Under the impression I'd wake up in a bath of ice with one kidney.
    The site works pretty well, you can check out a persons profile, see their photos, just like facebook or something. But then you've also got a sort rating system and everybody that has ever stayed with them or met up with them leaves them a review, most of the time saying how friendly they were!
    But some people who use it a lot have hundreds and hundreds of reviews from people, so it's easy to see they're trustworthy.

    Plus there's also a thing you can do where you pay a bit of money ($20 or something like that) and the site will validate your identity and that you are who you say you are, and also your address, and then put that on your profile. Just a little extra so that people can trust you and you can trust others.

    You can always meet them before hand also of course!


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