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London Postgrad private accommodation

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    2012 applicants. If any1 is looking to privately lease.
    I have found a beautiful apartment I would like to preferably share with a fellow UAL student maybe from CSM as its close to your campus. I know its expensive but anyone who knows London real estate knows this is a quite the find, since its also a private landlord and not an agency. Its in a great neighborhood and available in June. So if you have the cash get in touch. We can buddy up.
    Few things about me. I will be going to Chelsea. Im in my mid 20s so someone round the same age or older will be good. I also work pretty much fulltime. I want somewhere to call home but want to be able to have a social life with my flatmate.
    I love to cook, so flatmates usually get a gym membership, everything art, music and movies. I'm pretty easy going but I do like a clean house. I'd prefer to live with a guy but I have no real preference.
    Anyway let see what I hear back.
    Again I know its expensive so please dont bother telling me the obvious.



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Updated: May 4, 2012
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